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HTC EVO is one heck of a well built phone


HTC EVO is one heck of a well built phone

I have only had my HTC EVO for a week, but on day three, I accidently took it swimming in the lake for about 10 minutes!!!  I took it out and the screen was FULL of water!  I of course was sick to the stomach!  I took out the battery and SD card, shook the water out, and let it sit in the sun to dry.  Less than 6 hours later it powered on and was working!!!  I took the battery back out and let it dry overnight, and it continued to work.  On day 5, it started acting weird and apps were just opening on their own.  Took it to the local Sprint repair shop, they took it apart and the motherboard was still soaked!  They dried it off and scrubbed the contacts on the motherboard, phone works like new!!  I did have to re-format the CD card for it to work again, but the phone works and looks like new!

The moral of the story is HTC builds one heck of a good product!  I just hope I continue to be as happy with it as I am currently.  My hats off to HTC and of course Sprint for having such expertly trained repair techs in my area!

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