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HTC EVO keeps droping calls since 2.3 update also memory loss and text sms issues.


HTC EVO keeps droping calls since 2.3 update also memory loss and text sms issues.

I was hoping some one could help me, me and my wife both have evo's and since the gingerbread update they keep dropping calls. I have had mine for a year with no problems but now I can't talk for even a few minutes with out it dropping my call.

What I've done;

I did the second update phone is running 4.24.651.1

PRL is 60679

have done the pull battery trick and called Sprint just to have them tell me to refresh my profile and PRL and they also refreshed our phons from there end all with no luck.

I would like to say I spent hundreds of dollars to AT&T to get out of a contract to come to sprint because of the EVO but if this continues I will buy out this contract and take my 4 lines of service else ware,  Oh yeah before I forget my memory is also been drained some how in about every three days it says I'm running low on memory when I haven't add anything in months, quit the opposite I have actually removed apps?

Please some one help us I would greatly appreceite it!!

p.s. Eugene, OR 97401


HTC EVO keeps droping calls since 2.3 update also memory loss

Yeah u diffenetly have a problem. The drop call issue could be a network or tower issue in your area. Also i heard that sprint let a bunch or roaming agreements with other carriers expire so now sprints network has shrank. so that might also be an issue with droped calls u should check the coverage map and see what kind of coverage u have now in your area. But the memory loss or low memory should not happen. Android 2.3 has an excellent cpu/memory/task manager that automatically configures as u use the device for optimum performance. So most likely u have a rogue app messing up your phone or something went terribly wrong when u updated. Look for a app like watchdog or even spare parts and see if u have a runaway app. If u dont have a runaway app then something is wrong and u need to take your devices to a sprint corporate service and repair center. They will either fix the prob if they can or give u new evo's


HTC EVO keeps droping calls since 2.3 update also memory loss

Thanks for the reply Barker. After reading this I checked my coverage map and it still shows my area as good, even show 4g coverage which I won't get into lol. I also though I should add some sms issues we have been dealing with. On numerous occasions me and my wife have sent out txt's and the receiving party has received up to 13 copies of the same txt.? Now I have a hard time believing that we have hardware issues with two different phones built over a year apart that just so happened to break or mess up right after we got gingerbread. I don't feel like I should have to go pay Sprint $80 to tell me nothing is wrong with our phones and its a software issue. If I end up paying Sprint it will be to get out of my contract and move to a different carrier who will be more expensive with more restrictions but at least I will be able to make a phone call.


HTC EVO keeps droping calls since 2.3 update also memory loss and text sms issues.

actually i just got off the phone with sprint. it seems "per tech support" that gingerbread is somehow having a effect on reception as well. im in norther california and all the towers around me are working just fine. yet my 3G will just drop off the face of the earth for no reason what so ever while im using it. same with reception. from full bars to nothing or one or two. he said this is by far not the first complaint he has heard on this and the only thing linking all the complaints like this was gingerbread. still recomended me to go in and have my phone looked at just in case.

then again he could also be a newb tech and just speaking his thoughts/reading from his "how to help a customer" yuh never know really

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************
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