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HTC EVO - problem transferring photos/videos from phone to computer.


HTC EVO - problem transferring photos/videos from phone to computer.

I am having an odd problem  with transfers - the DCIM folder and any files in it causes windows to  stop responding. I am running windows XP 2. When I attempt to transfer  videos and photos from my phone to my computer I get a message that an  error has occurred and that windows explorer has to close. I then  thought that I would be sneaky and just copy the whole DCIM folder over  to my computer. This worked - but then when I attempted to access the  folder on my computer - the same thing happened with windows explorer  closing.

I called Sprint customer service and she said it had to be me because  they had no other reports of this - But then she told me to use another  browser - she thought Windows Explorer/My computer and Internet Explorer were the same thing.

Anyone else have this problem

It would be nice to be able to back up my photos and videos.



Re: HTC EVO - problem transferring photos/videos from phone to computer.

Sounds like a corrupted file (or a few maybe).  Windows does quite a bit of reading when viewing a folder full of pics and/or vids.  It reads resolution, color depth and a whole host of other things (like duration on videos).

If you are familiar with the command prompt, I recommend using it to copy 1 or a few files at a time to a temporary folder and then look at them in windows explorer and see what file(s) the problem occurs on.  You could then delete the file(s) manually that are causing issue.

Alternatively you could download a 3rd party image viewer.  I recommend going to and downloading ACDsee version 2.43 (english) and using that.  It's very quick and easy to use.  Open ACDsee and browse to the folder,  I shouldn't crash and you can browse the files.  Look for one the doesn't load completely or at all.  It will also allow you to move/copy/delete/etc files and other simple image tasks like rotate, convert, etc.  Version 2.43 is not the latest version by far, but for simpler (and easy) image handling, it works the best in my opinion.  Oh, and it's FREE and works 100% with only a random nag that you haven't "registered".

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