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HTC Evo Voice SMS problem...


HTC Evo Voice SMS problem...


I'm an ex sprint employee who's father has an Evo.

Natually he thinks I can fix it for him even though I don't work for the company anymore.

Well,  the prob is that he gets a text msg with every voicemail that reads,  "(some #) has sent you a Voice SMS Message. Call to listen.

He gets this message everytime someone leaves him a voicemail.

Is there anyway to stop this?

He doesn't even subscribe to Voice Sms, as far as I know.

It drives him nuts, he drives me nuts.

Any suggestions?


Re: HTC Evo Voice SMS problem...

If he is still having a problem with the voice sms notification instead of getting voicemail, have him do this. It will fix the problem:

If HTC HERO, EVO, EVO Shift, Sanyo Zio, Samsung Moment, Intercept, Transform, or Epic:

  1. Update Data profile.
  2. Turn phone off and back on.
  3. Go to voicemail screen.
  4. Click Menu > Compose.
  5. Click and then enter (v v m, not wm)

  6.   Click Record > Stop > Send.

  7.   Wait a few minutes for old voicemail notifications to deliver

Re: HTC Evo Voice SMS problem...

It sounds like he signed up for the free 30 day trial of voicemail to text. There is no way to stop this until the 30 days is up.  After the 30 days it will stop with the text unless he subscribes to the service.

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