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HTC Evo for Corporate Accounts


HTC Evo for Corporate Accounts

     Is anyone trying to order an Evo for a corporate account?  My company's had 2 on order for 3 weeks and still no end in sight.  Sprint and Best Buy have both told me they will not sell Evos to corporate customers (whose bill is close to 3k a month in our case mind you) because they don't want to miss out on selling a phone for $600 to sell it to a coroporate account for $200 (which is EXACTLY what a new customer would pay anyway).  Has anyone else been told this?  By the way, I am not inferring this, the Sprint rep explained this to me almost verbatim.  Best Buy simply stated the stock they receive until further notice is for regular account holders, but I have to say they were very concerned when they asked their managers about this and were truly apologetic which I appreciated very much.  I would think if Sprint would want to make anyone happy, it would be the large companies that put faith in them and spend huge bucks with them, but apparently that's not the case. 

     However, the Evo is now "back in stock" online, so wouldn't that mean if ANYONE can potentially buy one since it's now "available", where are the phones?  I think this needs to be set right, but something tells me when I finally get the call (maybe in time for my birthday in November) nothing will be made right, and we'll get slammed for $10 all the same and told how lucky we are to have one. 

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