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HTC Evo random shutoff (not reboot)


HTC Evo random shutoff (not reboot)

I was an early adopter of the HTC Evo, and had my first phone for a year and a half with zero problems...until I cracked (destroyed) the screen accidently.  $100 later and I had another one sent through insurance.  Well after a week or two it started to randomly shut off.  I've read threads here about the Evo rebooting, but mine does not do that, I just pick it up off my desk or out of my pocket and sometimes it isn't on.  It's only happening a couple of times a day, but who knows how long the phone is off...I don't notice until I realize I haven't had a call for an hour or so.  I took it to the Sprint store, they cleared the cache, I did a hard reset and they sent me on my way.  A few days later it started again, so back to the Sprint store.  They got me a new Evo in 2 days, and of course it's now happening on this phone too!  So I'm on my 3rd Evo, and the last 2 they have given me (one through Assurance and the other through Sprint Store) are both randomly shutting off.  Anybody have this problem, or think there may be a solution.  It may have happened after my last software update...but I have no way to prove it.  Any ideas?  Take it back?  Keep cycling through Evo's until I get one that works?  It's turning into a pain in the rear.

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HTC Evo random shutoff (not reboot)


If the device that you got as a replacement isn't working. I would recommend you visiting a Service & Repair location FrustratedTORELOCATOR.

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