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HTC Evo wiped clean, again!


HTC Evo wiped clean, again!

Has anyone else had this problem? Suddenly, all contacts, photos, apps, everything—are all gone. The phone was set to sync contacts with Google, but only a few were there to retrieve. The first time it happened, the people at the Sprint store said it couldn't happen. Well, apparently the impossible has happened again. HELP!


Re: HTC Evo wiped clean, again!

There is some type of file error on the operating system. Repair center could try to reflash device or replace device. I hope you had some backup of info, I hate to hear about loss of personal info.


Updated -*** If you add a contact you have to select Gmail/Google when it prompts you where to add. You can also backup phone contacts by opening contacts, Menu>>Import-Export>>Export to SDCard .  I always suggest going to Gmail and viewing that they are actually there. On the web when you open Gmail - under it there is a drop down - MAIL is default - Select Contacts and they should load


HTC Evo wiped clean, again!

Thank you! I will definitely suggest this. My phone is fairly backed up, but unfortunately, this was my husband's and he was still getting used to it. The contacts should have backed up to Gmail, but never updated for some reason. I'm afraid this will be the end of Sprint for him. Still, I will use your suggestion in getting the phone fixed. Thanks again.


HTC Evo wiped clean, again!

just remember when adding contacts dont save them to the phone. save them to your google/gmail account.

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