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HTC Sense Restarts And Changes Wallpaper


HTC Sense Restarts And Changes Wallpaper

HTC Sense restarting randomly and changing the wallpaper to one that I never used on my phone, began after the first GB update.  It has gotten worse after the recent update.  HTC Sense restarts when leaving  the market and other apps Dolphin HD Browser and others, but not in every instance. 

When the phone is booting up, just before showing the lockscreenit it will show the wallpaper that is the first one in the wallpaper section the colorful one with bubbles.  I have never used any of the wallpapers because I have always used the originale scene installed on the phone.  Now on several occasions when the phone started it put the Wallpaper on my home screens, but did not change the apps and widgets I had on the Home Pages.  Luckily I had saved my scene and was able to get it back.

My phone has been reset to factory twice, initially be me and two days ago by a Sprint tech and a sercive center.

Sprint something continues to be wrong with these updates that is affecting HTC Sense, it is broke.  Please, everyone else sith HTC Sense restarting randomly or changing you wallpaper, post and describe your exact problem.  Possibly we will get Sprints attention.

PS,  Not running any antivirus programs like Lookout



Force close at random when backing out of an app or hitting the home button and I have had an issue with the wallpaper being different on boot several times.

It always goes back to the stock HTC one with the out of focus rainbow bubbles.

My wife's EVO Shift is also getting the forced close when backing out of an app.

Just been reading also that the EVO 3D is having the same issues so it looks like HTC screwed up the Gingerbread edits when they installed Sense.


There was a Best Buy rep who had his hands on the store's copy of the EVO 3D (we're cousins - ha ha) and basically he's told me that the reviews were accurate. It's a bit faster response-wise (due to the dual processors) but even with a larger battery, the battery life in general was worse than the EVO 4G. Very interesting. I agree, HTC forcing Sense into their phones doesn't go too well with Gingerbread.


was better battery life and the internal task killer part of gingerbread or was that a added on htc/sprint thing to try and get more juice out of it? i wonder if its actually shutting to many things down or making them idle  and causing this? same with screen not being responsive from time to time.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************
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