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HTC upgrade ver. 4.53.651.1 - Humblepie!


HTC upgrade ver. 4.53.651.1 - Humblepie!

  Earlier I'd asked if I should upgrade to newest ver. 4.53.651.1 / being a little skeptical from past experience & some comments from other's, I must say I had my doubt's, but then again with good reasons to. So I took the chance & did upgrade, all I can say is THANK U HTC & SPRINT 4 making this 1 a positive thing, no complaint's here, I'll admit it time to eat crow, & have another slice of humble pie!!, ت


HTC upgrade ver. 4.53.651.1 - Humblepie!

We both know all upgrades should go though flawlessly - I had a little apprehension to proceed with this and it is awkward to feel that way.  Glad all is well and thanks for the confession -


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