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Hardware warranty on rooted Evo?


Hardware warranty on rooted Evo?

If one were to have a rooted Evo (hypothetically of course), and the charging port became loose and wouldn't charge as easily as before, would one be able to get this fixed? I'm just wondering since software doesn't impact that piece of hardware.

This is the (strictly hypothetical) issue:

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Hardware warranty on rooted Evo?

All you can do is take it to a corporate sprint store and tell them that the charge port is broken. Most posts I've seen for this sort of thing, is they will replace it, since it is hardware, not software. They may not even check to see if it is rooted. Of course, your mileage may vary.

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Hardware warranty on rooted Evo?

IF the store checks and find it's rooted, they can deny the warranty coverage.  IF the mfg finds it's rooted, they will deny us the return and we'll have to eat the cost of the phone.

Be nice - reflash and restore your phone before returning it. 

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Hardware warranty on rooted Evo?

I would tell the person to unroot the phone first and take it in.They will most likley replace the phone anyway to be safe put a stock rom back on the phone.

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