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Has your phone just stop working and wont charge at all?


Has your phone just stop working and wont charge at all?

My phone wont charge at all. I have bought several chargers, Wut should I do?


Re: Has your phone just stop working and wont charge at all?

I just went through this a couple of weeks ago. There is a known problem with the charging port on the evo. It's not the charger. It's the port where the charger attaches to the phone. I took my phone to my local sprint. They said it couldn't be fixed and ordered me a refurb. If you have full insurance coverage, you shouldn't have to pay anything. I didn't have to pay anything for my refurb. You shouldn't have to pay anything because sprint and htc are aware of the problems the phone has with the charging port. They should replace your phone with a refurb with no problems. I've read that some stores are charging customers for refurbs. You shouldn't have to pay for a phone defect that's no fault of your own. The only thing is you take a chance with a refurb. If you're lucky, you'll get a phone that someone just didn't want after having it for a couple of weeks. You could get one that was a problem phone. Of course you can buy a new evo, but you will always take a chance when dealing with electronics. My refurb has been ok so far.

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