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Hello 4G service?


Hello 4G service?

Why do I pay $10 per month for 4G service if I can't even get any?  I live and work in Fremont, CA but I can't ever connect to 4G.  I've been to San Francisco,CA and San Mateo,CA with service over there being great!  I understand San Francisco having very good service since it's highly populated but Fremont has about

218,128 people as of 2010 which is the fourth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area. 4G service...where are you hiding?


Hello 4G service?

Nothing I have ever seen call the $10/mo charge a 4G fee. I live in a 3G area (they redid the map, it's now more accurate) and the amoumt of stuff I download is astounding - and Sprint does NOT throttle you back after so many bytes. I've managed to cut all my cords - no phone, no ISP, just my EVO. Sure, once a month I've got to do a print session, but think of all the trees I'm saving. As I've mentioned in other posts, I think much/most of the blame rests with HTC keeping secrets about short-comings known only to them. Sprint is at least as good as the rest and Asurion is excellent. I live on my EVO. Yes, I have three batteries for it, but like I said, I live on my EVO and with 4-5 radios, 4.3" screen, big old nasty processor, what would you expect.  $10/mo for terabytes...  --  Sharon


Re: Hello 4G service?

To answer your first question: It is for the premium (unlimited) data service and not the 4G. As far as your second question, in few words is: Costumer targeting strategy. Sprint has a strategy in plan, and I think they have always tried to come on top in the battle for the domination of the business costumers.

They test run on small areas the 4G service, and then started to cover high business traffic areas and then the rest of the major metropolitans. You can not expect to have the 4G network roll out in the whole US at once! Just like you still don't expect to have phone service in every square inch of the US, it will not happen.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

Hello 4G service?

Dont forget that CLEAR also charges Sprint $5.00 per EPIC / EVO sold, no matter what. For each capable device that has a WiMax chipset Clear is charging sprint 5 bucks a unit. So for people out of coverage sprint still has to pay for it. So that 10 bucks a month you are asking about also has to help cover that cost as well. That was in the begining. Now ALL smartphones have an additional 10 bucks a month for Premium Data.

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