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Hesitates in calling


Hesitates in calling

Hopefully someone can answer this, or has had the same problem as me.  I’ve had my Evo for some time and I love my phone!  However I’ve noticed that my Evo does some very strange things that I’ve not experienced with my previously smart phones.  When attempting to make a call on my Evo I’ve noticed that my phone will hesitate for approximately half a min before actually making the call.  Also repeats the same action when trying to end my phone call also.  My Evo will start ringing before the name, number, and the (accept or decline); feature shows up usually resulting in me missing the call. Other than waiting to make calls it automatically switches on the speaker phone without me touching it.  I’ve taken it to sprint and have done nothing other than reset my phone back to factor settings multiple times.  Can anyone help?  Please Advice!

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