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Homescreen Selection and message tones


Homescreen Selection and message tones

Just want to know if there is a way to change which page can be selected as the homescreen? Also is there a way to set up personalized tones for MMS, facebook, or sms messages? If not is there a fix that will address this in the future? Thank you

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Re: Homescreen Selection and message tones

Are you referring to the pages on the homescreen of the Sense UI? Or are you referring to the homescreen of the web browser?

If it's the Sense UI, there is no way to change the page that appears as the home or center one. However you can customize all the pages as you like by using the + button and holding down on widgets or icons already on the pages. Then what you can do is hit the Menu button on the homescreen, select Scenes, and save your current changes as it's own scene. So essentially you can create multiple homescreens to your liking, then quickly switch from them with the Scene button. To get a better idea, play around with the ones already set on the device.

SMS and MMS notifications are defaulted to be the same. There may be a app available on the market that can separate them. 

Changing Facebook Notifications - Facebook App > Menu Button > Settings > Notification ringtone.

To add your own to the device, simply add a folder named "notifications" to the root of the SD card and drop the desired audio files into it. These files will then show up on the list when changing notification settings.


Re: Homescreen Selection and message tones

Thank you for the help! I am not digging the fact that I can't choose which screen I want as my home screen. It isn't that big of a deal but I like to scroll one direction for all my apps and stuff, I guess it is just my OCD. As for the message and FB tone issue thanks for the info, I would have never figured that out.

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