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Hotmail inbox not syncing correctly


Hotmail inbox not syncing correctly

EVO 4g Hotmail: Many inconsistencies b/w Evo inbox and server inbox. SOME deleted or filed emails still in inbox, SOME unread = read, SOME items missing, SOME deleted still in inbox, etc. refreshed and settings=No limits

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Re: Hotmail inbox not syncing correctly

It sounds like you are using a regular pop connection (its hotmail, so yea, probably pop3)

Heres the deal. In most cases when checking a pop e-mail address from a phone,  you'll notice that after the e-mails show up on your phone the e-mails in your pop account (server account) seem to have been "read" when they really haven't,  correct?  This is just the way it appears when using some e-mail applications.  By downloading these e-mails from your account, these e-mails account for being "read" already, though the reasoning isn't clear, and I don't feel like searching google for an answer right now. 

If I had to take a guess it would say it has to do something with the way the e-mails are marked by the program, so that when you delete a message off of your phone, it doesn't download it again when your pop account connects again...

As for the deletion of e-mails.  Some apps have a setting in the mail client that allows e-mails deleted on your phone to also be deleted on the server,  but most phone applications aren't set up that way default.  Many users just want to save space on their phone and delete e-mails they've already read, and keep only the e-mails they need,  but still want to keep the "deleted" e-mails on the server to reference when they get back in the office, etc.

If you were using something like exchange activesync,  this would be a non problem,  but as you are using a pop account,  this may be something you just have to get used to,  or you can try using a 3rd party program with more options such as K-9.

I hope this helps. 

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