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How can I delete an entire conversation in SMS ?


How can I delete an entire conversation in SMS ?

i have thousands of messsage within one conversation and I want to delete it.  When I try to delete the entire converstaion it clocks for a while and never goes anwyhere I always have to restart my phone and the conversation is still there .... ??? HELP !     


Re: How can I delete an entire conversation in SMS ?

Some of the older androids had this issue, Download and try this app - "Delete Old Messages" by JADS Limited


How can I delete an entire conversation in SMS ?

even after downloading that app its still going to take quite a while to delete all those apps. if it says force close or anything like that just wait. it WILL eventually delete them. future FYI try to avoid keeping any convos from going over 500 sent and recieved. even trying to delete 500 will take a little bit but it will still do it. also try to keep the screen from timing out while youre doing this. theres a chance it will stop the process. and yes..while its doing all this it will basically freeze up our phone since its trying to do quiet a bit as is. once its done you wont have any issues or need to restart the phone.

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How can I delete an entire conversation in SMS ?

jm073102 to delete an entire SMS conversation on your EVO press and hold the conversation you would like to delete and select delete a message will pop up that says "the entire thread will be deleted" and press ok. Hope this helps!


Re: How can I delete an entire conversation in SMS ?

One thing you can try is setting a msg limit within the Messaging App.

  1. Enter messaging app.
  2. Press Menu button.
  3. Press Settings.
  4. Scroll down to Storage Settings.
  5. Make sure check box is checked for Delete Old Messages.
  6. Change values to Text Message Limit & Multimedia Message Limit.

This creates a FIFO situation on all SMS and MMS messages received to whatever the limits are you used. Any message counts greater the nthe limits will be deleted behind the scenes. This should get your messages down to more manageable levels.

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