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How can I pair & connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to my HTC EVO 4G


How can I pair & connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to my HTC EVO 4G


I'm working on getting used to the on-screen keyboard and it is useful when I am out and about.  Yet Android is frustrating greatly me because I'm used to touch typing.  I really expect to type as fast as I think, if not quicker.  Having to wait on the typing when composing is not fun (in my book).

When I'm home I'd really love to have access to a full keyboard with my HTC EVO 4G.  I'll add -- I know this is true for at least two other EVO 4G users (I bought one of these phones for everyone in my family who lives with me).  We're each having keyboard frustration on some level.

I was able to pair my Dell Bluetooth Keyboard, but couldn't get it to connect successfully (I suspect because there isn't a keyboard profile).

If it isn't possible to use a Bluetooth keyboard, I would STRONGLY ask / plead with the powers that be to add Bluetooth keyboard support to the HTC EVO 4G, PLEASE!

Thank you for any help, directions, leads, etc in making the HTC EVO 4G an outstanding and friendly device!!

P.S.  If there is a beta for keyboard support, I'd be happy to participate.  I have Alpha and Beta experience on both sides of the table (e.g. end-user, administrator, and developer (Application, Network (Cray, TCP/IP, SMTP, etc), and Operating Systems (COS, UNICOS, OS/2, Windows, etc)).

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UPDATE:  I read the FreedomPro Bluetooth Keyboard works with the HTC EVO 4G with only a few issues.  Has anyone else (other than the author of the article) tried the FreedomPro Bluetooth Keyboard (successfully or unsuccessfully)?

The article is at:

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