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How do I upload pics from EVO to PC?


How do I upload pics from EVO to PC?

I would like to upload my pics from EVO to pc; I get 4-options when connected to pc, but nothing related to pic uploads, (charge only, HTC Sync, disk drive and usb tethering) the guide on the phone does not help and the people in the stores were of no help, can someone please tell me what to do?


Re: How do I upload pics from EVO to PC?

Sure, Select "Disc Drive", Then on your PC go to My Computer and it will be listed there as a drive. Your Pics will be in the DCIM folder.

While your in there might as well add some custom ringtones, Notifications, And Alarms sounds.

Go to these sites and find or create some ringtones;

On your phone, Create folders "Ringtones" - "Notifications" - "Alarms" and drag/drop those sound files into the ones you want.

Also, Got any movies you would like to upload to your phone? Here is a way to convert them, Once converted create a folder named "Videos" on your phone and drag/drop them into it.

Make sure to "Eject" the disc drive before you unplug it.

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