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How long would it be until another carrier comes out with an STi 4G?


How long would it be until another carrier comes out with an STi 4G?

I really dislike anything Apple. Even though everyone is still trying to play catch up with the ever so popular and expensive to run EyeFone. I hope this new Evo 4G with turbo AWD takes the prize.

In a way, I'm glad that there are people willing to pay ATT the big bucks to play on their network. I know sprint has been struggling to stay in business, but I seriously believe that they were always the best, in speed, price, and customer service. So in this way, we are able to get great services at reasonable prices.

When I find the rare people I meet and they have sprint, I congratulate them on a smart choice.

When I see the EyeFone users I ask, how much are you paying for that, they reply with some high amount, and I say "why!?", they reply "well, because I like my EyeFone."Well, the EyeFone is not a bad phone, proof to show is that when you walk into a room/office with downtime, you'll see people sticking their face into that phone with their finger either pinching, flicking, or gyroscoping.

Anyways, if I hope that the Sprint market and Evo users stay small "that is if the Evo phone is an EyeKiller", in that we will hold a small stake in what will be the phone that kills all others. I don't want to see Sprint fall but the more popular they might become, the less features and more money they might charge.

I find it always interesting that when I am using my current phone "Treo 800w", people still ask these days, "wow, what's that, a blackberry?", or , "wow, it's even got a little keyboard." Come on people.

This leads me to the fact that other carriers are heavily geared toward advertising, like BigReds "can you hear me now?", T-Mo's "unlimited stuff for small amount of dollars and 5$ add aline", or ATT's spot on American Idol.

What was this topic about anyways?

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