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How to override the Pattern Unlock your Keypad/How to fix the Google sign in error


How to override the Pattern Unlock your Keypad/How to fix the Google sign in error

I'm reposting this because it just happened to me today. I set up a Pattern unlock protetcion on my phone. Once I went in to unlock it I couldn't figure out what patterned I used so my phone prompted me to use my google sign on to override the pattern unlock. No matter what I tried I couldn't remember the right password. I became frantic because I have a lot of information in my phone that I haven't backed up. I also had a voicemail from a very close friend who recently passed away. I called tech support, but they weren't any help. They didn't have any info on the how to reset the Gmail password that they imposed on us over a year ago in order to use the android apps (it wasn't always that way). The only thing they could offer to do was a hard reset. Other than doing a hard reset they told me there was nothing that they could do! For me given my circumstances this was not optional!

If it wasn't for this post that I found in the discussion board I would have had to reset and erase everything in my phone! I am very happy to say that I was able to reset my password with the link given below and override the unlock code on my phone!

Sprint I have been a loyal customer of yours for years. Outside of this issue that I had today I haven't had any problems with my services. If you partner with an outside entity (Goggle in this case) and require your customers to use their applications to access YOUR android apps, and also use their services to override a keypad pattern unlock. At a minimum you should have the ability to train your people to direct your customers to this link or to Google customer service! I will never hear my best friends voice again outside of the last voicemail she left me. If I hadn't found this post I would've never have heard her voice again. I can take responsibility for not remembering my code, but you have to take responsibility for giving the right information so that problems like this never happen again. To the person that originally posted this information I want to Thank You!

"sign-in error for" for Google sign-in

My google account went bad last August while using my phone in Canada and all attemps to enter a passwork have failed. Turns out that the account is "does not exist" at google when attempting to put in a password.

There is a provision in the phone to delete the google account, but it appears, from the messages, that Sprint has had that option blocked. The delete button is there for the google account exists but it gets blocked.

Sprint Tech Support says that the only thing that they can do is do a hard reset to factory conditions. That is rather useless.

I challenged them that the inability to remove and replace the google account was something that they did.

Tech support stated that Sprint puts nothing on the phone at all, that it and all updates come to me direct from the manufacturer. So some how they have that [bogus] technical information but there is no Spring Engineering... How did "Spring Zone" get on my phone?

I sugggested that there must be a higher level of tech support, they said that they were the highest level. They claim that it is impossible to pass issues to a higher level for investigation.

All they want to do is nuke my phone..... that is all they can offer. They make it sound like that is done routinely. There are others here with the same problem, and elsewhere on the WWW.

Turns out that there is:

Note the "[?]" after the "The account you entered is disabled."

From there it appears that one can request that the account be reenstated. If that works, great... and Sprint should know about that.

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