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How to reset your evo4g so it actualy works.


How to reset your evo4g so it actualy works.

I have been struggling with my new EVO4G for a week now.  It constantly reboots and locks up.  I posted before on how to setup the phone to avoid issues and extend battery life. Here is how to restore to factory defaults.

Click on People.

Hit menu

Click import/export

Click export to SD card

Click google

hit ok

This backs up your google address book to your SD card.  After this, Run this again and this time hit "phone".  This will back up your address book if it is on the phone and not on google. Mine was like this since sprint imported my address book from my old palm phone.

After this you will have two files of your address book on the SD card.

Hook phone to usb cable and plug into PC.   When the menu comes up on the phone, Hit disk Drive,  Browse to your new diskdrive and copy the backed up address book to your PC for safe keeping.

After this is done,  unhook the phone from the computer you can continue:

Click menu

Click settings

Click SD and phone storage.

Click unmount SD card.

Click factory data reset

Follow the questions and click ok.


After phone comes up your EVO will be back to the way it was when you first got the phone.

Now import the address book using the reverse procedure above. Just like import instead of export. Now your contacts are back.

Now sign into Google by cliking market place and then entering your user name and password.

1. Your phone settings are not removed so the phone will always make a call.

2. Aps are gone.

3. Phone is factory rest so if you had any applications causing issues, They will be resolved.

4. You phone now works again.

I have had to do this 4 times now.  I found that FRING was the biggest cause of reboots and lockups.  I just dont use FRING anymore and my phone is not rebooting. TURN OFF GPS.  From the main screen slid your finger to the right and uncheck GPS.  THis kills the battery and causes reboot if there is a loss of GPS satalite.

Also.. The factory battery is horrible. I went to a local Batteries plus and got a new battery for my phone, Charged it up and its now stable (fingers crossed)  the battery life is also much much better. I can talk for hours, Voice text, Surf and even play a game and my battery is now only half way. Before with the factory battery, It would be reboot city.

Hope this helps. I know there are alot of you out there that are ready to smash this phone on the concrete.  I am not paying for any apps until i have serious faith in this phone. So far, Its been a real pile of crap.

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