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I finally found an alternative to HTC Sync...


I finally found an alternative to HTC Sync...

Since I got my EVO about a year ago, I used HTC Sync in the Repair mode to overwrite phone data and to synchronize my more than 1,300 Outlook 2007 contacts with my EVO phone People database. As many EVO users noticed, using any other mode of HTC Sync2.0.4.0 will maul the Outlook *.pst file creating duplicates and modifying many entries. The newest release of HTC Sync, version 3.0.5511 is absolutely useless, as it doesn’t have the Repair mode. I’m not sure why HTC has chosen a shady Swedish outfit Teleca AB to write the HTC Sync application for them. I call Teleca shady, because although it is registered as a Swedish company, the list of employees shows only Eastern Europeans and Asians.

Unfortunately, after upgrading to Gingerbread last week I found out that HTC Sync doesn’t work anymore with my phone. Searching the Web for software led me to discover MyPhoneExplorer, a free utility. You may download the client app from Market and download the PC application from

Advantages of MyPhoneExplorer:

  1. Outlook database is left untouched.
  2. You may select to display your contacts on the phone as “First name, Last name” or “Last name, First name”.

I found a few issues with MyPhoneExplorer, none disqualifying this sync utility. They are:

  1. The Outlook format of phone numbers is replaced by +xxxxxxxxxxx – spaces and any other characters are deleted.
  2. As the “File As” field cannot be used in the PC utility, sorting of entries differs from phone and Outlook.
  3. Pictures associated with Contacts cannot be transferred from Outlook to the phone.
  4. After syncing, some contacts cannot be edited on the phone – editing crashes the People app - Possibly this applies to contacts that have pictures associated with them.

Hopefully, these issues will be fixed in the next release of MyPhoneExplorer. By the way, I’m not associated with FJ SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. Moreover, MyPhoneExplorer is FREE.


njp420 thanks for the info,  Rick

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