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the screen on my HTC Evo Shift 4G...ooooh....just went out. Completely black. This is merely the latest in a loooong line of Technical Issues that have been plaguing me since I got the damn phone.

First it was the Text Message app. While I was attempting to enter a text, send a text, read a txt the app would slowly scroll itselfaway from what I was doing. I took the phone to a repair store. They ran the diagnostics tests they do, but they couldn't find any issues, but I tell you the screen would move on it's own.

My first impression of the Evo Shift 4G was high, but after a couple of weeks that was left behind. Apps native to the Android market would force quit. Apps that were included in the phone forced quite. I had to take the battery out so many times during the first 9 months or so after I got it. And it wasn't soley the Apps fault. When I tried to make a call that screen would jitter. Now I know theres a vibrte option for when you hit a key, but I'd made sure all those vibrate options were turned off.

There was a point during all this that I figured out that the phone could not multitask. I mean being online and being able to txt at the same time is if not should be a basic standard function on any give smartphone..."smartphone:" I realized this Evo Shift 4G couldn't multitask 2 things at a time when I was on the phone and I tried to search for something online. The phone frozen, then freaked out, then shut itself off. I never did that again.

I've owned this HTC Evo Shift 4G between a year and a year and half. I've spent three fourths of that time looking at other phone in envy. To have been able to txt without the ghost in my tiny machine. To have been able to make a phone call and in the middle of the call go online and search for x. to have been able to not have to take the battery out every time it froze, or an app downloaded weird, or just cuz it can't multitask.

I was never able to have a fully charged battery for longer than 2 hours. I'd set the low battery consumption options on enegry saving, but even that didn't do much. What kind of Celluar phone is it if it has to be on the charger recharging. Not very convenient when you're on the go, and having to constantly keep the phone on the charger.

then there were the instances when the phone would slow down so much. I'd think it was frozen, but I quickly realize after it start up again that it hadn't frozen just slowed down to a snails pace. again not convenient for some on the go.

Those were just the issues and tech problems I could remember happening. There were many many more. Some were glitches, some were sending a txt 2 maybe 3 times after you've composed and sent it. I was never able to properly install and sync the microsoft email exchange service or whatever it's called. Never did it. Never knew if it was necessary or not.

I could probably go on for another 2 pages. Needless to say I really wish I'da chosen an Iphone instead. It's a tested product. the Iphone 4 at the time was head of the class, and I chose to trust my contacts, e-mails, txts, photos, internet bookmarks, etc to the HTC Evo Shift....4G If I could get a job standing in front of cellular provider stores discouraging people not to go with the HTC Evo Shift because it's a so so investment. It's a product that hasn't been tested and perfected,

HTC to my knowledge is fairly young. BUT I don't care hoe young it is. This phone should have been kept off the market until it was ready for the consumer. It should have been rolled out as a test device in various test markest, studied, adjust, studied, more adjusting... And I really liked the phone. Loved that it slid not flipped, Loved that there was also a qwerty keyboard along with an on screen one. loved that I had the option to pick a 2nd language. So It could translate into more than one language.I loved the screen and how big it was for it's day.

Alas there have been way more problems and issues with the HTC Evo Sift 4G way more cons than pros. I disliked my phone more than  liked it. Sometimes it would make me cringe thinking bout the task/subject at hand. I'd spend hours on a regular basis imaging crative wasy of offing my phone. thinking bout what other, better phone I could get for myself, what those devices were capable and able of doing it. how I shoulda just gone with one of those devices.  coming from that debate  about the HCT Evo 4G the entire time I've been an HTC owner. It was my first HTC and unless there are some major improvements in the next version, it'll be my last. If I could turn back time, I'd make a different choice and get an Iphone.

Are you paying attention HTC execs? the HTC Evo Shift was not ready for mass distribution. I'm really very disappointed in the almost basement bargain quality of the Evo Shift. It's as if the designers fake rushed through finalizing the specs and stuff was left out, or put in when they should have been left out. I'm hereby declaring that I am officially shopping for another cellphone brand. The screen going out was the final straw that broke this camel's hump. If anyone has any suggests on a cellphone brand?

You can still win me back HTC execs. Ok i'm gonna curse now. you've been forwarned. The Shit I went through with that phone was ridiculous. I spent so much of that time worrying bout one thing after another. IF, HTC, and its execs have any kind of standards you would be doing everything within your power to 1. roll out a newer better, working version of the Evo Shift. 2. reach out to as many of the disappointed masses who like me fell for what at times I surely thought was a scam. 2.take the old HTC Evo Shifts off the market, and buy back as many of them as possible and destroy them.

You can still win me back. You've just got to try harder and fix things! you have an obligation to your customers for allowing a battery consuming, data hungry, low rated, low quality device "smartphone" into the markets. and the cellphone service providers for alllowing a low rated, low quality, data hungry. battery consuming device into the market and selling them on ya'lls behave.

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