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If Dan Hesse Ruled the World!!


If Dan Hesse Ruled the World!!

First off. Let's just agree the word "fee" for this mysterious $10 charge is a weak attempt to play with semantics. The real "term" should be TAX. So for now on, as I contnue to "beat" the proverbial "horse" I will use the word TAX.

So what would happen if Dan Hesse ruled the World ??!!

If Dan Hesse was CEO of my satellite provide,r and I happen to buy a shiny new 71" Plasma tv from them, delivering the lates in picture quality and technology, Dan Hesse would TAX me for satellite. No, not because I upgraded my satellite package for more channels. But because I now get a "richer tv experience" which will likely cause me to watch more television and use more ...satellite data?

If Dan Hesse was CEO of my internet provider, and I bought me a brand new 4 core processor PC with a 512 GB hard drive, he'd be ok with that. But he would have to TAX me on internet service. ..No no, not because I upgraded from "dial-up" (im not even sure that still exists, and im pretty sure its a misdemeanor in some states to have) to super duper lazer speed internet. Its because I am likely to use more data now on my PC. You know, because of the new the PC

If Dan Hesse was CEO of my local gym, and some plumpy member wanted to upgrade memberships, of course he would allow it..Why not? ..He'd sure as hell TAX her too...because she is likely to use the treadmills more, thereby experiencing a richer workout experience...and maybe even loosing some weight.

If Dan Hesse was CEO of my local high end car dealer, where I bought ny new sports car cash, o'l Danny boy would have nooo problem. The car is mine free and clear to do what I wish...But Danny boy would definitely have to charge me a monthly TAX...  yes, even though I bought it...Its because the TAX is vehicle specific and I am surely going to enjoy driving now and do a whole lot of it.

If Dan Hesse was CEO of my phone company, and I bought the latest "caller-id" box from him, sure there would be a price tag...nothing is free you know... But I got a funny feeling my phone bill is gonna get a TAX every month. No, no, not because I upgraded features or even added anything to my's because Im gonna be doing a whole lotta caller id'ing now...besides...I have a premium caller id experience now. ..

Ok, im not completely ignorant of the capitalist business model. I get it. You pay more for HD because the picture is sharper...and you're watching it.  You pay more for DSL because its faster...and you're using it..

But Dan Hesse has to be the "Madoff" of cell phone service...   He has literally implemented, as best as I could sum it up, a Residual Ownership/Usage  TAX.....U buy the product, its are the legal owner. And now to use it, you have to pay an additional TAX, specific to that device for as long as you want to use it!!!  sounds residual to me... You dont get anything extra from the TAX itself just the right to use what you already paid for,..matter of fact, the guy next to you at lunch gets the same thing you do on his Blackberry  FOR LESS...

And I can't seem to find any other context in which it sounds fair...

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