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Is anyone else having these problems?


Is anyone else having these problems?

Am I the only person who's hdmi port stopped working since the update? Is my phone the only one that wont sync or get recoginized when you plug it up to a PC? The menu used to pop up when I plugged the usb cable into the computer but that doesnt come up anymore! I can get it to teather but thats it. I cant add music or anything esle. I can't even connect it to my tv and watch you tube videos. Are these known issues? Or did I make some kind of mistake? Can someone please help????!!!!


Is anyone else having these problems?

Hello MONJI52,

I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing these problems after the update. This issue does seem to be software related which I would be happy to assist with. I will be sending you a private message to obtain additional information so that we may move forward would correcting this issue for you.


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