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Is anyone getting New Updates Today? I am, I live In Louisiana,What is in this new update? For the Evo 4g


Is anyone getting New Updates Today? I am, I live In Louisiana,What is in this new update? For the Evo 4g

What is the new update for? I love my Evo and I will never get rid of it unless they come out with something better.Nothing has come close.And if it cant come close I want touch it.I have had many phones in my life but this takes the cake. I am still doing new things on this phone.I don't know what they were thinking when they made this phone but they made is so far advanced that it will last for years to come.I am a computer tech and I know it can do more, its unreal what this phone can do. Many laptops can't do what this phone does including the new ones. I will not  even give the Iphone lovers the satisfaction of arguing,and I have seen them in action,and not even close to what this phone can do.Anyone notice how apple trying to make thier products like the evo? On their new items coming out like wifi hotspot,and live conference calls? But they are better than the EVO 4g!! Give me a break I have people at my job with their mouth open when I use my phone and what I do and all of them have Iphones and all they can say is can you believe that! They are baffled and saying I can't wait till my contract is up.LOL!! I have had my phone the first day of release and not one hiccup of a problem and still doing new things it is unreal what It can do and again I am a computer tech! Battery life is better never had that problem but others did,but its a great phone. I just wanted to know what the new update for. Thanks so much and let me know what the update is for.And can someone tell me when 4g towers are coming down this way toward Louisiana if so please let me know.

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Re: Is anyone getting New Updates Today? I am, What is in this new update? For the Evo 4g

This update offers enhancements of:
- Blockbuster
- Kindle eReader
- Pre-loaded video game NOVA from Gameloft
- Scan Now widget for 4G

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