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Is micro sd card included in HTC Evo?


Is micro sd card included in HTC Evo?

I am getting an error that says "no micro sd card detected." I thought that Evo comes with 8Gb memeory card. If you wanto expand your memeory then you could buy 32 GB card. IT  si not like Evo phone itself got 8 gb of memory right?

So does evo comes with 8 gb card or not? If it does then I need to find anohter solution for it. If the phone itself has 8 GB memory then that error is valid.

Thanks for your help.



Re: Is micro sd card included in HTC Evo?

Hello Naenad,

Yes, the HTC EVO does come with an 8G micro sd card.

If you remove the back of the phone, lift out the battery, and it should be on the bottom right side (facing the back of the phone).   If you receive an error message, there were some reports that I read concerning the SD card not being recognized, but the new update from HTC should have taken care of that.  If you have not performed the update, I recommend it, if you have and still receive the message, you can take the phone back to the store and they should replace the SD card for you.


Re: Is micro sd card included in HTC Evo?

Barring your SD card having gone bad for some reason, it could have come unseated.  Pull the back of your phone off, remove the battery and take a look.  Instructions are in the manual for inserting, removal and location of the card.


Re: Is micro sd card included in HTC Evo?

Thanks for the answers. I think it was momentarily glitch or something. It is working now. I am trying to transfer my contacts from my nokia to Evo. Nokia also has micro sd memory card. I just wanted to see if I can transfer them by just swapping memory card and then saving it to pone memory in Evo They don't look similar. My nokia card is bigger, about a square inch, while other one looks tad smaller. Any idea how can I do this?


Re: Is micro sd card included in HTC Evo?

You are talking about two entire unrelated cards. Could be SIM vs microSD.

The Nokia has a SIM card used by GSM carriers to authenticate your phone on their network. The EVO (being a CDMA device) does not use SIM cards.

SIM cards and microSD cards have absolutely nothing in common. MicroSD cards only store data like pictures, videos and music. The Nokis could beusing a larger SD card standard like miniSD or a standard SD card, you won't be able to get that into the EVO at all if that is the case.

To transfer your contacts you will either have to bluetooth them over (the way you do this is different for every device) or go into a store and have them transfer them for you using the Cellebrite machine.


Re: Is micro sd card included in HTC Evo?

I know my Nokia is GSM technology. It has a SIM card and a memory card. It is also micro sd card albait smaller capacity. Thanks for your reply though.

I guess these cards are manufactured specifically according to card slots in respective phones? That could be the one reason that I can't just the swap the memory cards between two phones.

I tried to use the blue tooth transfer but I have to do one contact at a time. Nokia has an app that transfers the entire contact list and calendar to the other nokia phones over the Bluetooth but HTC does not seem to support that. Notification says that it received the file form my Nokia file but when I click on the said file it says the transfer history is empty. I can't understand where that received file goes then?

However when I do one contact i still get that transfer history is empty but when I check my contact list that contact appears there. Can anybody tell me what's going on here?

Thanks very much for the responses.

corrected some typos and added more info on bluetooth transfer

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