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Keyboard has disappeared!!!!


Keyboard has disappeared!!!!

I noticed several applications had updates available on 8/14/11.  I downloaded the updates and my phone seemed to work ok. I did notice that my 'Reddit is Fun' app would not open after the update and appeared to not work at all.  I turned my phone off for the evening. When I turned my phone on today, 8/15/11, and attempted a Google Search the pop-up keyboard would not work. Any application that required the use of the keyboard, the keyboard would not appear. When touching the display where the keyboard would normally be it would type, the keyboard has become INVISIBLE!!!  Has ANYONE EVER had this happen to their HTC EVO 4G before??  I have no idea if this was because of a rogue update, a phone problem or maybe even a virus of some kind.  ANY info would be greatly appreciated. I thought I would ask here before attempting a phone call to Sprint Support or bringing my phone to a store. It's not much good and is not usable with an INVISIBLE KEYBOARD!!!!

Thanks Everyone....

Mike Sz...

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Keyboard has disappeared!!!!


Not to worry, this is a quirk of the EVO that we can usually fix pretty quickly. Press and hold in a spot where you would normally type something in. It should pop up with an "Input Method" option. Select that and then switch keyboards. Do it one more time and swap back to your preferred keyboard. That will normally fix this issue for you without any additional hassle.

If that doesn't get it fixed, let me know and there are a few other tricks we can try.


Keyboard has disappeared!!!!

any idea if this is going to be fixed in the upcoming MR? not that annoying but would be nice. i can live with this one but the htc screen is quite annoying

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Keyboard has disappeared!!!!

I had the same problem. Mine went out late last night on 8-17-11.  I tried the press and hold as suggested by JPSquared and switched back and forth between SWIPE & TOUCH INPUT several times and it fixed the problem.    Thanks JPSquared and thanks BADSECTOR00 for posting.

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