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Latest Update Killed Exchange Calendar Sync?

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Latest Update Killed Exchange Calendar Sync?

I updated to the latest update yesterday morning and now my Outlook calendar from work no longer syncs with the stock EVO 4G calendar. I have rebooted and power cycled several times. The Sprint Zone app on my EVO 4G has a diagnostics function and when I use that, it comes up as working fine. Inside the same diagnostic function is a "profile update' which I ran and then rebooted. Same result. Is there a fix for this? I use this smartphone solely for work and I need to be able to have my calendar synched with my Outlook calendar in real time at all times. Please help! T.I.A!

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Re: Latest Update Killed Exchange Calendar Sync?


Most of the time when we have this type of issue we remedy by removing the Exchange account from the device and then adding the account back.



Removing an account:

  1. Open Settings, the tap on the Accounts & sync selection (figure 1)
  2. Tap the name of the account you wish to remove/delete (figure 1)
  3. Tap Remove account
  4. Confirm that you want to remove the account by tapping on Remove account or tap on Cancel if you selected the wrong account
  5. Your account will now be deleted

Adding an account

  1. Open Settings, the tap on the Accounts & sync selection (figure 1)
  2. Tap on Add account
  3. Select the type of account to add (Microsoft Exchange, Facebook and Google are available by default) (figure 2)
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your account (depending on account type, you will be asked to select what kind of data to sync to your device)
  5. When complete, the account is added to the list in the Accounts & sync section and data will begin synchronizing to your device

Latest Update Killed Exchange Calendar Sync?

There are numerous problems with Exchange ActiveSync and Android phones. They had it right several versions ago, but broke it about six months ago, but the latest seems to have fixed some of them. The symptoms I see are the following:

  1. Create a calendar entry on the phone. Sometimes it fails to sync to Exchange, or if it does sync, you get an error every time it tries to sync (see settings, accounts & sync, Exchange ActiveSync - See a red line over Sync calendar.) If you get this error, you need to delete the account and add it back in.
  2. Create an appointment reminder on Exchange using Outlook. Note the time and description. Sync the calendar with the phone (settings, accounts & sync, Exchange ActiveSync, Sync now.) Change the time on Exchange using Outlook (move it to a different time). Sync the calenar with the phone. Before the update to, this change would not reflect back to the phone. I tried it this morning after the update and it works perfectly now. Thanks for fixing this HTC/Sprint!
  3. Get a meeting request from Exchange on Outlook on your PC. Don't accept it. Sync with your phone (settings, accounts & sync, Exchange ActiveSync, Sync now). It appears on your phone's calendar ever before you accept it. Now go to Outlook and accept the invitation. Before the update to, you would have two entries on your phone calendar for the meeting request. Now you only get one. Thanks for fixing!

Duplicating problem one is problematic. When I tried it just now, I could create the meeting on the phone, but it never sync'ed with Exchange, so the meeting never shows up on Outlook using Exchange.


Latest Update Killed Exchange Calendar Sync?

Hi Ron (aka Mr.Sprintastic)!

That resolved my problem! Thank you very much!


Re: Latest Update Killed Exchange Calendar Sync?

I've removed and then added the account per directions. This works for one sync and then the problem re-appears again immediately afterward. Any ideas on how to continue to have my phone sync without having to add and remove the whole account setting everytime I need an update on my calendar?

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