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Lets get real... HTC EVO


Lets get real... HTC EVO

Why are we all rushing out to buy this device? I was myself until I realized that Sprint is releasing either the Samsung Moment 2 aka (M910 or Intercept) or the Samsung Galaxy Pro, IN THE NEXT MONTH! both which will feature the same specs, minus a megapixel or two, however have a FULL QWERTY keyboard, and (hopefully but doubtfully) include android 2.2 froyo. Which will include FREE wifi tethering, as well as full adobe flash, and much much much speedier phone operations, now if sprint wishes to opt out of this software google had provided to charge this  absolutely ridiculous 29.99 a month while no other carrier does so, I certainly have no problem going to tmobile and paying even less per month and having the option to use any sim card phone i like, but thats just me.. and lets remember folks, this is all ON TOP of a 10 dollar charge. FOR WHAT? arent you already paying for say **UNLIMITED DATA**, seems a little like false advertising doesn't it? Perhaps it is, paying for one thing, then being charged for it, again...

So sure the htc evo is very pretty, very very pretty, i must certainly agree. but lets get some facts down people dont realize, that bad battery life, you may say i can deal with that, but no. when people say BAD battery life, its 6 hours tops, with minimal use. dont fool yourself into paying 200 bucks for a phone that only looks prettier than yours. for half the time of battery life. also, that 10 dollars a month for everyone is just plain greed. most people in america wont get 4G for YEARS. so that 10 bucks your paying for data, the exact same data your already paying for unlimitedly ? yeahp, not doing you any good.

In the long run, I'd just like to get the points across that the HTC EVO is indeed a very nice phone, it has no physical keyboard, and an equally powerful android samsung device is scheduled for JULY 11th. It appears to be the moment 2 with physical keyboard, which will be everyones anwser to a powerful android phone, but with no 4G. the galaxy s pro is soon to follow, sporting 4G and a keyboard, a nice one too i must admit. So do you rush our right now and get the EVO and pay an extra 10 dollars per month for data your already paying for and forfeit your keyboard completely, if it fits you, by all means, Enjoy or for those of us that are going to wait on the other phones sprint wont announce because it would ruin their EVO media and sale blitz. the moment 2 and galaxy s pro. lets hope for the best. and sprint, please wise up, dont charge 10 dollars to people not in 4g markets, dont false advertise, and dont think only of sales... lets have just a tiny bit of customer care in those future plans. if not, i fear the worst for you.      Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

Ive included Pictures; Employee Launch Plan M910

Galaxy S Pro


Re: Lets get real... HTC EVO

My #1 reason for getting the Evo in the face of an ever changing landscape (where you know a "better" phone is going to come out every 2 weeks) is that I love the Sense user interface and HTC has been doing Android the longest of any third party companies (even though it took them forever to port 2.1 to the Hero).  I wouldn't touch Samsung Android phones with a 10 foot pole, even if it is running a hummingbird processor with super AMOLED screen.  The Moment was/is a terrible Android phone that everyone has issues with, including people that I know that have the phone.  Samsung also has decided to play the UI game with their new phones and I think their UI is not as useful or pretty as Sense.  With their lack of Android experience or ability to port things over to the Moment properly, I would be weary of those phones. Remember that the Moment had a 700 MHz (or 800, can't remember) Samsung processor in it, yet it is as buggy and laggy as the Hero's 528MHz ARM.  Now, I hope that I am wrong and that Samsung is a heavy hitter in Android this year and it helps Sprint combat the new Droid X and Droid 2.  Their processor bench marks seem really impressive.

I think the $10 fee is outrageous for the Evo, and I bet that you'll see the same charge for new devices with faster processors.  As per Sprint's new mantra, the $10 isn't for the 4G, its for the faster processors and consumption of data.  They (wrongfully) think that one can use more data on 3G on the Evo, then you can with the Hero.  Also, Sprint and other carriers are going to block the hotspot feature in Froyo, there's no way they will let that be free (who knows, maybe T-mobile will let that slide, or VZW with their very expensive plans already in place).  So paying the $30 a month for the hotspot will be a continuing trend.  The only way you'll get it is by unofficially rooting and putting a Froyo ROM on the phone, which is a good idea, but for 99% of users, they won't get free hotspot in Froyo.


Re: Lets get real... HTC EVO

First of all, I just want to point out that any review of the Evo by someone who DOESN'T EVEN OWN ONE carries no real weight. All of your opinions on the phone are based on hearsay. Let me break it down from my point of view, somebody who DOES own an Evo.

Regarding Froyo, guess what? It's also coming to the Evo via an update, which also means wifi hotspot, full flash, etc., all that stuff you mentioned about the Samsung phone. It's all software dependent, not hardware. Now there's a chance the Samsung phone will ship with Froyo before us Evo owners are able to "officially" update to Froyo, but for those of us with rooted phones, we'll have a fully functional Froyo rom even before the Samsung phone is available.

About the hardware keyboard. Some people like it, some people don't care. It's a matter of personal opinion. In my opinion, a hardware keyboard is completely unnecessary as I type fine on the on-screen keyboard on the Evo, and I can do without the added weight. The Evo is slim and sexy, not a big chunky brick like it would be if it had a hardware keyboard. But again, if you simply have to have a hardware keyboard, then the Evo is not for you.

I don't know where you get off thinking the Samsung phone will be "much much speedier" than the Evo. Specs on paper don't mean much. What matters is real world performance, and the Evo flies. It does everything I've thrown at it and it doesn't skip a beat. HTC Sense is intuitive, clean, fast, and it just works. I've experienced no hiccups whatsoever with the Evo. Thanks to the snapdragon processor, the phone never gets bogged down. I've streamed Youtube in HD, streamed internet radio, played games, listened to the police scanner (yeah, there's an app for that), browsed the internet, etc. and the Evo just chugs right through it all without slowing down. Surfing the web on the Evo is a surreal experience. It's literally like a mini desktop PC, and zooming in and out with multi-touch is awesome. I use the Dolphin HD browser and it renders web pages quickly and accurately, and thanks to the large screen size, it has no problem displaying full sized web pages in desktop resolutions.

Your statement about the battery life issue is completely false. You think it's only capable of no more than 6 hours with MINIMAL use? Well I get a full day of use out of mine easily with MODERATE use. That's like 12-14 hours every day, and at the end of the day I still have between 20%-40% of battery life left. That's with texting throughout the day, occasional web browsing, playing some games (I'm addicted to Red Poker Club), streaming internet radio when I'm driving, a few phone calls, and a Youtube video now and then. People who complain about crappy battery life are the ones using the hell out of their phone all day long, and no duh the battery is going to die fast! Guess what? My old HTC Touch would only last 5-6 hours if I was on it constantly. That's just a trade-off for having a smartphone. They consume a lot of juice when they're being used. But for the average user, the Evo is more than capable of lasting all day without a recharge.

Your only legitimate gripe is regarding the $10 monthly charge for having an Evo, and yeah it's questionable, but for me and probably 95% of everyone else who owns an Evo, $10 a month is chump change. You probably spend more than that on junk every month. Sometime this summer, 4G coverage is supposed to be available in my area and you better believe I'm going to use it, so I can't really complain. Plus, I get other discounts on my plan which more than offset the $10 monthly charge.

If you really want to switch to Verizon or T-Mobile, you'll be making more of a trade-off than you realize. Verizon is going to be implementing tiered data plans like AT&T already is, so have fun getting raped on your monthly bill. You'll be wishing you only had to worry about that extra $10 per month. T-mobile's network just blows, and there's no way around that. I had them for several years and the network was horrible. I will never go back to that. I couldn't even get reception in my house. I had to walk outside to the end of my driveway to make a phone call.

Bottom line is, reviewing a phone that you don't even own doesn't make any sense. All the bad points you mentioned are probably only from what you've read on the internet, and they aren't even true. The Evo is a fast and beautiful phone and does everything it's advertised to do and then some. In time it's only going to get better, with the release of Froyo and custom roms. Android is still young too, and the marketplace is growing much much faster than the Apple marketplace, so more and more great apps are on the horizon.

To anybody thinking of getting an Evo, get it. You won't be sorry.


Re: Lets get real... HTC EVO

HTC makes better devices period than Samsung, especially lately.  HTC has released many of the top rated Android OS phones.

I have owned 2 Samsung phones and both were junk (especially the Intercept).  Samsung can't touch HTC when it comes to quality.

Besides, I haven't heard anything impressive about these phones Samsung is about to release unlike HTC.  The benefit of the QWERTY keyboard is not worth settling for a Samsung (imho).  Samsung releases phones with the QWERTY keyboard because that is the only way anyone will buy them.


Re: Lets get real... HTC EVO

Hello....I love the HTC EVO.  There are two small problems that can be rectified with appropriate aps and I suggest that HTC does it.  There needs to be APS to deal with dropped calls between 3G to 4G.  The calls drop when it changes from 3G to 4G and then the phone cuts off and reboots.  I told the tech dept. specialist and he acknowledge that this was a problem.  I asked him to talk to his superiors about this.  One never knows when you may go from 3G to 4G.  THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED HTC AND SPRINT.

The 2nd situation is the need of an app that can download movies from NetFlics and other companies.  For some reason a movie cannot be downloaded.

Otherwise it's a great phone--a mini computer and phone.....Love does have to monitor and keep their phone plugged into a socket due to the battery life, however.

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