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Looks like my Evo has the famous Usb charging problem


Looks like my Evo has the famous Usb charging problem

My evo has the USB charging port issue.  started a few weeks ago and now it totally does not work.  I've had this phone for a couple of months now.  Bought it off amazon though.  This is my 2nd Evo.  My first one didnt have this issue and i had the phone for about 10 months.  This totally sucks and apparently is a known issue.  I mean if sprint and sprint associates clearly states its a known issue, then why isnt something done about it.  We spend all this money on these phones just to have basically a paper weight now.  My phones are never abused.  My first evo did not have one scratch on it before some decided they wanted it more than me.  Also I would always disconnect the charger if i needed to use the phone( became a habit after going through chargers with my blackberry lol).  This totally sucks big ones.  I like the EVO alot! Now I had to buy a 40.00 external battery charger.  Has anyone had any luck repairing these phones?


it was a known issue with a very small amount of phones out there. it was a soldering problem. only way to have that checked out is to take it into a sprint repair store.

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Took it to a sprint store...the Port has competely seperated from the board.  If it seperates, can it be repaired.  I once had a Blackberry with the same issue and was able to repair it.  Kind of aggrevating having to take around a external batter charger lol.

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