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Loose Charging Port On 2 HTC EVO 4G Phones


Loose Charging Port On 2 HTC EVO 4G Phones


So far, 2 out of the 4 HTC EVO 4G phones I have purchased have loose charging ports.  So loose, that it's difficult to adjust to get the charge going.

From what some have posted here:

Sprint is charging $100 to replace.

This is simply not acceptable.

We did not abuse these phones.  There is no way these should have failed within a month of owning.

We're past the 30 day mark.  I have yet to go into Sprint.  I just want to bring this to the attention of consumers, customers and more importantly, Sprint.

I love this phone.  And I do not want to part with it.  But I will not be paying $100 for a replacement.  I didn't break it.  It's obivious the charging port was of poor design.

I would like to know if anyone else is having the issue.  I will be reporting my Sprint store results tomorrow.


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Update on my trip to the Sprint store repair shop yesterday (with followup calls today):

The repair shop in my city said they could not fix it onsite, but they said they have seen this before, and that they would easily exchange it for a new phone if they had them in stock, at no cost. They did not have any new phones in stock. They said I was welcome to a refurb, if I wanted an exchange today, but I did not, and I wanted to see what my options were for getting a new phone sooner. I opted instead to call HTC to see what they could do, but their best was a repair, which has a lengthy turnaround time. I followed up with a call back to the Sprint Store (the same one as the repair shop). They said they will call me when they receive a shipment of Evos, and I can exchange it then.

So far they have been at the very least helpful, if not entirely forthcoming with information (I called the Sprint repair line to see what THEY could do, and they said they could not help me locate the closest Sprint store with an Evo in stock for exchange). I will keep you updated on my progress.

WSW (or should I say Mike?), to those of us trying to find resolution, your comments are not helpful, no matter how many message boards to which you post them or how many user names and stories you concoct to deliver them. If you're not bringing anything to the table, please go home.



I am glad to hear that at least you are getting somewhere. I also called HTC today and they told me they could repair it but it may be at my cost and the turn around time is lengthy. Also, I would have to provide a debit or credit card up front to send it in. HTC told me that they were also considering it"physical damage" and it was my fault. When I called Sprint yesterday, they promised me a free even exchange when more EVO's came in but then called back 10 minutes later to tell me my even exchange was denied. The repair store I went to told me the damage was my fault and they wouldn't fix it. Hopefully you have good luck and they weren't just telling you what you wanted to hear. Please keep us updated.


I just encountered this issue on my phone and I quickly got the runaround by Best Buy and Sprint. I am new to the carrier as well and was referred to Sprint by family. I was under the impression that Sprint has impressive service and I am starting to think otherwise. They are obviously aware of the EVO issue and are just trying to brush it under the rug. I filed a complaint with the BBB, lets see what happens with that. I am truly disappointed with Sprint and how they are handling this issue.

As I was saying before they just do not care and are definitely in it to milk consumers of all the money they can. I was told that I could get a brand new phone then another rep told me that I would receive a refurb. Why should we have to deal with REFURBS when this is clearly not "physical damage!" I am sure that we do not all go home and jam the charging wires into the port.

PS. I was out of my 30 warranty by 3 days and I encountered the issue 2 days ago and was told, "Why didn't you bring in the phone before the 30 warranty expired?" 


I'm having the same problem to on my evo to charge the battery I do not want to pay the $100 to replace after only having it since it's release.

I'm gong to go to the store tomorrow and see what they are going to do.

Just got back from the sprint store i bought it from and the service center and he said I will get a new phone next week because they are on back order.

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I have the same iessue.  But since I'm a business customer, I emailed my field support rep at Sprint.  She told me it would be awhile for a replacement to ship since they are on backorder, but I had absolutely no problem at all.  She ran the replacement through the warranty system and I bought my phone on Day One, so I know I'm outside of 30 days, but these phones have a ONE YEAR warranty on them.  It's up to Sprint to make it right!  They sold you the phone, not HTC.  HTC sold Sprint the phone.


Actually that information is false. It is the responsibilty of the manufacturer to take care of a manufacturer's warranty, not the retailer that sold the product. In some cases, manufacturers have an arrangment with retailers to provide replacements via the store though.


Actually, It is Sprint's responsibility to honor manufactures warranty, As of April 2009 Sprint is honoring manufactures warranty in store.

As of April 12th 2009, you can now walk into any Sprint store and if your device is within the 1-year manufacture warranty, you can have it serviced/replaced for free.

Support - Article

If the device is covered by Total Equipment Protection (TEP) or the Equipment Service & Repair Program (ESRP), there is no charge for repairs caused by normal wear and tear or mechanical/electrical failure.

If the device is covered by TEP or the Equipment Replacement Program (ERP) and it has physical or liquid damage or is damaged beyond repair, you'll need to file a claim and pay a non-refundable deductible for each approved claim, determined by the model of your device.

If the issue is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, you won't be charged for repair or replacement at a retail location.

If the device is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, TEP, ERP or ESRP, you may have to pay fees per-incident, determined by the type of device.

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No, it is not Sprint's responsibility to honor a manufacturer's warranty. The article you reference refers to an OPTIONAL insurance plan that also comes along with a fee that not everyone has, and has nothing to do with the manufacturer's warranty from HTC.


The first two paragraphs address TEP, The third is Manufactures warranty IN STORE. The whole support article is not just if you have TEP.

SUPPORT ARTICLE TITLE ""Find out the cost of repair or replacement for your device""

If the issue is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, you won't be charged for repair or replacement at a retail location.

in-warranty repairs. Customers will now be able to have their phones serviced at any Sprint Nextel service location at no charge.


Here's an interesting tidbit for all you Sprint users out there.  As some of you may know, if you have insurance through Asurion your deductible went up to $100 (previously $50) this month for all Windows Mobile and PDA devices.  The good news is Sprint has greatly simplified and expanded its insurance policy for its customers.

Starting this past Sunday (April 12th), you can now walk into any Sprint store and if your device is within the 1-year manufacture warranty, you can have it serviced usually for free. Here at the requirements:

Within first year = No Charge for:

  • Phone Book Swaps
  • Software Updates
  • Mechanical failure
  • Electrical failure
  • No DAMAGE evident

If outside the first year or damage is below, Charge = $99/$119

  • Missing components
  • Failure w/cosmetic damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Broken hinge/lenses/port
  • Cracked housing/LCD

In the past, you had to play back-and-forth between the manufacture and Sprint, each passing you off for the warranty coverage. Now, you just walk into a Sprint center and deal with them directly.  We find this a much welcomed change on paper at least, we'll see how it is executed in reality. Join us after the break to see the full "official" Sprint .pdf screen shots of this policy change.


Nice find, Levi!

I am back to update everyone on my Evo status. For the past few days, I've been waiting on my phone call from the Sprint Store, because they said they'd call me as soon as they had a new Evo to swap with mine, which has the loose charging port.

Surprise, they called today! That took care of the first of my worries: why would they give me a new one when they could just as easily sell it to the next customer who walked in the door and actually make money on it? They could have waited a month to call me back, which is what I expected. It took all of 6 days, and this morning they told me they just got a shipment in and they set aside one for me.

I brought my phone in. Maybe I'm reading too many negative forum postings, but I expected them to examine it thoroughly, and then tell me that I broke it through negligence and that I'd have to pay. I walked in, told the greeter who I was, waited for about 30 seconds for a service person to call on me, and found out that the person assigned to wait on me was the Store Manager. Again, I was skeptical: why did I need a Store Manager for a simple transaction, unless it wasn't going to be simple?

Long story -> short: he found my new phone in the reserved area, transferred my number over...and sent me on my way. No hassles. No challenges. Nothing worth me even being worried about.

IMPORTANT NEWS: He informed me, during my number transfer, that HTC has listed this problem as covered by their warranty IF the port is faulty, but not if the port is COMPLETELY BROKEN. If you have this problem, this is very important for you to know. If you continue to use the charging port and it breaks completely BEFORE you get to the Sprint Store, they WILL chalk it up to physical damage, and you WILL have to pay something for a replacement ($100 if you have the TEP, and presumably full price otherwise). While they checked my charging port and found it only faulty on my first trip to the Sprint Store, they logged it as faulty, and therefore covered under the HTC warranty, which they honored completely. They didn't even bother to check the port on my second trip to the store; they just swapped my phone.

To put it bluntly, if you start having this problem, get to a Sprint Store right away, and have it checked. Once you're in the books as having a faulty port, and not a broken port, then you're in line for a free replacement.

So what Levi has found in the legal jargon was, in fact, played out and proven to be true by my trip to the store today.

I said this in a previous post, but many years ago, I had Sprint and left them because I wanted a phone that AT&T had. About a month and a half ago, I saw Sprint had the Evo, and I decided I'd come back to Sprint for it. I did not have any problem switching back, because I never had any difficulties at all with Sprint's customer service in my previous experience (it was certainly better than AT&T's), and I hoped that they are still as good today as they were back then. Thankfully, their service is every bit as good, if not better.

I hope this helps. Good luck, everyone!


Be very careful about your decision to return the phone to HTC. They'll charge you $240 to replace the main board or $35 just to look at the unit if you decide not to pay up for repair . If the power port is off-center ("bent") they will consider that physical damage, which they refuse to cover, even if it occurred through normal wear and tear. They have you by the short hairs. Better to just buy a new phone. (Who's gonna spend more for the repair than they paid for the phone in the first place?)

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