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Losing connection with 3G/4G Data network


Losing connection with 3G/4G Data network

Every now and then (maybe once every 2 days) i seem to be losing my connecting with the data portion of the network and i'm having to manually go back into the settings and turn off the 4G then back on. I notice it because normally i recieve 20 - 30 emails per day and they suddenly stop for no reason plus voice text messaging wont work but manual text messaging will. I should mention however that i'm still able to make and recieve phone calls. Why is the transistion into a 4G area causing havoc? Shouldn't it just transition over to 3G when it's not available and then back to 4G when it is? And whats the deal with only losing data connection but not phone service?

Additional info:

My home area has 100% 4G coverage and a strong signal

I leave the Wi-Fi feature turned off to save battery life

I've tried disabling the 4G all together but then nothing works. How do i turn on 3G only?

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