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Low Phone Storage


Low Phone Storage

I have become excessively frustrated with this device. In the last 24 hours my phone has uploaded the same picture 6 times to facebook after only being prompted to do so once, and in this time period has been giving me the low phone storage notification. I have deleted messages, and some pictures, attempted to clear application caches but the phone does nothing. I have uninstalled 4-5 applications only for them to reappear after a restart, I have deleted all my voicemails and I feel I am running out of options. A new phone is necessary at this point before I destroy this one. Throwing it across the room seems worth while but I know that since I can not afford a new one at this time, such an action would be a monumental mistake should I want to communicate with the outside world. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is a hard factory reset my only option? And if it is my only option, how do I do that?


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