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MMS recieve filename question


MMS recieve filename question

I use handcent mms to send and recieve sms/mms, however when i recieve mms pictures and video, the evo saves the file name with a default name (imagejpeg_2_#). I know i can always manually change the name, but my previous android phone (tmobile mytouch) allowed the picture name to remain the same from the sender. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is there a setting I'm missing? I've checked the settings for the default messaging program and handcent. Any suggestions?

thank you for your support.


Re: MMS recieve filename question

if "handcent" is a third party sms/mms program, then the problem would be with this program/app or the way it works on the EVO's basebuild/firmware version. i would contact the developer of the app and ask that question.  have you tried simple trouble shooting, like remove/readd app?

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