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Movies, Movies, Movies

Is it possible to upload movies to the EVO's memory? I have tons of videos from my old phone that is saved onto my computer and I want to transfer them into the EVO, but I can't figure it out. Can someone PLEASE help?

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Re: Movies, Movies, Movies

Plug your phone in using USB and select "Disc Drive" Create a folder and drag/drop them into it, IF they are in the correct fromat the stock video player will play them, Go into the Market on the phone and download "RockPlayer Universal" it is a video player that plays many formats.

If you need to convert them you can use HandBreak or one of the many free converters available by searching Google.

Here is a site that has instructions for using HandBreak;

The built in video player will play back videos encoded in the following formats:

H.263 profile 0 @ 30 fps, WVGA (800x480), max 2 Mbps
MPEG-4 simple profile @ 30 fps, 720p (1280x720), max 6 Mbps
H.264 baseline profile @ 30 fps, 720p (1280x720), max 6 Mbps

Native resolution on the phone is 800*480 - if you only plan to play the video on the phone, that's all you need to encode it to.

The Evo will also play that video over the HDMI cable to your HD TV - that's when you'd want to encode at the 1280x720p resolution.

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