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Moving apps to SD card?


Moving apps to SD card?

Are we going to have to wait until each app's developer updates that app before it will allow moving a particular app to the SD?

I have moved some, but many will not say "move to SD" [button is grayed out] in the settings where it allows for managing the apps.  For the few (maybe 1 GB) that I have apparently moved to SD, I'm not seeing much space freed up on the phone storage itself yet.

IF there is a way to move multiple apps, somebody please explain, in detail steps, exactly how to do it?


Where did you go and what did you do to move any of the apps that you did move?  I have not been able to find how to do this. 

***I see now ... in manage apps.***

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Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications, Select app you wish to move, There is a tab to "Move to SD Card" in the Storage box area.

And Yes to the OP, The dev has to have the option built in before you can move their app to the SD card.

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