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Music - Transfer to device


Music - Transfer to device

I'm looking for an Music application for the HTC EVO that would play all music formats.  The app that comes preloaded does not read MPG-4 formats. When I transfered my I-Tunes music, I get a message saying "Unable to Play this Music Type" in over 90% Of the songs.  I've downloaded several (free or paid-for) apps and got no where.   Any suggestions?


Re: Music - Transfer to device

Songs purchased from itunes are DRM protected and will only play on apple devices, You need to pay apple to lift the DRM. Or if you take all your songs and burn them to cds then rip them back to your pc it will remove the DRM.

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Re: Music - Transfer to device

First question: What kind of music files do you have?  MP3 and M4A will work fine.

Second question: Have you gone through your iTunes library and upgraded all your songs to iTunes Plus?  That removes the DRM encryption.  Of the {mumble} purchased songs in my library, only one still has the DRM encryption.  Stupid record label won't let go.

Once you've upgraded your music to iTunes Plus it should play just fine on the Evo.  It's not the fault of the phone -- Apple put encryption on the music when it first came out to lock it to their iPod players.  They changed their mind later with the iTunes Plus format.

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Re: Music - Transfer to device

Try updating your itunes software. Also try right clicking a song in itunes and select show in windows explorer, and try dragging the song from that window to your phones sd card. If the format is not working for some reason, your could try burning the songs to a cd then import the songs back into itunes while having the import settings set to MP3 format under the itune preferences area . That will convert all your songs to MP3 format  when you import them back from the cd. Then you can delete the other duplicate songs. This way is a little bit tedious but it works. Or you could just purchase some type of audio converter software and convert your songs to mp3 format.  I'm 100% sure the Evo supports mp3 so thats why im suggesting that format. hope this helps.

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