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NetFlix Over HDMI (FullHDMI mirroring)


NetFlix Over HDMI (FullHDMI mirroring)

UPDATE: Netflix app works flawlessly with FullHDMI to bring your streams to your TV. Make sure you are streaming over WiFi as Netflix's quality will be better.

Hey all,

The HTC EVO 4G comes with "crippled" HDMI capabilities out of the box. I created an app to fully mirror the EVO's display over HDMI, see the project's development page here:
Out of the box, the EVO can only play a slide show of pictures over HDMI and Youtube videos using the Youtube app. FullHDMI unlocks the capability by allowing the EVO to mirror whatever is on the screen to your TV. Search the market for FullHDMI and  you will find it. I have a free version to demonstrate the functionality but lacks Landscape (horizontal) mode. If you have any questions plase email me or post to the development thread I linked above.

Here are some articles about it:

Some youtube videos about it:

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HTC EVO 4G FullHDMI mirroring

Nice app.  I downloaded the free version from market but I noticed the resolution is 800 x 600.  My question is is the paid version HDMI ( 720p or 1080p ) ? 


HTC EVO 4G FullHDMI mirroring

720p needs a fix to mirror the display in rela time. This fix needed to be implemented in the HDMI drivers on the kernel level. I have a kernel with the fix available for free but to install a kernel different than the stock provided by HTC you need to root your phone. The resolutions supported by HTC's stock kernel for mirroring are 800x600, EDTV, PAL, 640x480.

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