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Network Busy.. Please try again later.....


Network Busy.. Please try again later.....

Every day between 4 and 7 all 3 devices on my plan become next to worthless. If I try to make a call.. The phone makes a tone and the above mentioned error occurs. At first this was a minor inconvenience, but now its so bad we are considering canceling our contract. We've tried calling field support, but they are hardly any help.... They blame it on storms... Anybody else having this issue???  I'm sure it's a capacity issue..


Ive been told they were sending a tech to the area to check on the cell site.

Troy Ohio 45373


Network Busy.. Please try again later.....

I checked our outage board and I am not showing any issues with this zip, if you would like to private message you complete address and phone number I can look further into the issue for  you .

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