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New Overdrive User > Evo 4G 2-Year Contract?


New Overdrive User > Evo 4G 2-Year Contract?

I purchased an Overdrive to replace a data card about 3-4 months ago.  Throughout that time I have had to return it FOUR times and am contemplating a FIFTH time since this one is unstable as well.  I qualify for max discounts on my phone plan and am due for a new phone.

Despite having to return the Overdrive so much to get one that works, I have obviously extended past my 30-days and was told that I have to replacing them over and over as opposed to switching to a new device for the cost of my time & $$.

Anyway--I want to move my plan from my existing phone and the Overdrive to a $30 data plan with the EVO 4G.  What am I looking at in regards to costs?  Will I get the EVO for $199?  Will Sprint nail me with an early termination fee for switching data devices too early?  Can't seem to find anything relative to my question on the net.

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