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New to Evo


New to Evo

Hello sprint family, I have purchased the Evo and have had it a little over a week now. I must say I love this phone but the only thing I seem to be having trouble with is my battery. I'm having to charge it at least twice a day and with all this charging I'm scared I'll run down my battery and need another one soon. So my question is: does any one know  a great  app that will be useful with helping me keep my battery from dying  so quickly and keeping it charged longer.



Here is a link to a thread on this topic already. Hope this helps

Sprint Product Ambassador

That thread is helpful, but realistically you're going to get about 9 to 12 hours standard use out of the Evo.  That's what I was getting with the factory battery.  Email, Facebook, Calendar, couple hours of calls a day.

The Evo is a very powerful handheld computer, and it uses a lot of power to run.

I spent a few dollars at the Sprint store and picked up the extended battery and now I get all day use out of it - 16 to 24+ hours between charges. 

BTW, I moved your post into the HTC Evo space so it will get more visiblity.  If you have more questions about your evo, just check out the space.

Thanks for your post and congratulations on your new phone!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Thanks you helped alot and I think I will go ahead and buy the extended battery

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