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Open Letter to Sprint Re: EVO


Open Letter to Sprint Re: EVO

  First, I would like to congratulate Sprint for the first 4G wireless handset in the US .  That is quite a accomplishment for your company and you deserve all the accolades that go along with it.  Second, I want to say I am a long time Sprint customer which is likely something you hear all the time on these and other forums.  In my case it is something I am very proud of and except for a few bumps in the road over the last 10 years or so I am a very happy customer.

   Now I need to get on to business with what I have to say and hope that someone at Sprint listens.  The HTC EVO is a impressive handset that surpasses all of what we have seen in the US market in the last 5 years.  What concerns me though is that during the announcement it was said that Sprint would not be announcing plan pricing yet.  This statement would lead me to believe Sprint customers are going to be looking at another specific plan dedicated just for the EVO, or that a " 4G surcharge" will be applied to an existing plan.  I'm not sure if this is true.  At this point its all speculation. 

   I would like to ask though if it is true, give your customers the option of using the phone without 4G.  I'm not sure if the technology is there or not to exclude 4G speeds from the phone if you do not purchase the appropriate plan but please make it a option. Not every customer will need to share their phone as a 4G Hot Spot.  Not every customer will upload HD video.   For some of your customers 3G speeds will just be fine.  Please don't exclude existing customers or potential customers from purchasing this phone by requiring a 4G data plan, that will be higher in cost than a perfectly usable 3G one.

   To use myself as a example, recently I signed up for Fios service in my area.  I had a few choices when it came to the speed of my internet service, and finally decided on 15Mbps download.  A week later I found that this was not going to be adequate for my needs and upgraded to the 25Mbps plan instead.  As a customer I was grateful I had various options available to me to choose from and used my own usage patterns to determine the best fit.  If I was never given that choice and was handed 25Mbps from the beginning I may have never chosen Fios and went with Brighthouse instead because at the time they were offering cheaper service at the same speeds.  Choice is what kept me as a Fios customer.  Nothing else. 

   I ask that you give this some consideration when you sit down to decide what the pricing plan will be with this EVO. I would ask you to think out the box and give some consideration to a data only plan for the EVO with the ability to use Google Voice or another VOIP app to make voice calls.  As customers we have over the last few years gotten used to unlimited data plans and specific plans to go with specific handsets.  Sprint has done a excellent job over the last year or so cutting through all the muck other carriers have thrown at us and made it simple to understand.  I love your company and love the things that have been going on since Mr. Hesse has taken over. I honestly believe that the EVO will generate tons of customers, please don't exclude these people by requiring a 4G plan.   Sprint has many things to look forward to and this summer is looking to be an exciting one.  I am sure this will not be the last handset Sprint fans will have to look forward to this year.           

Don Shane  

PS Can someone find out why I am not a premier customer yet??     

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Thank you for taking the time to post your comment/suggestions on the forum. We have several device managemet team members who review these forums on a regular basis. With that being said, I will also foward this over to the appropriate department. Thanks again for using the Community to share your thoughts.



I completely agree with you!

I'm a new user of Sprint and my 2 year contract will be up in December of this year.  For me, I was hoping for a phone, such as this, but I don't care if it has 4G or not.  The reason is simple.

I don't care for 4G because I have no faith in 4G WiMax.  You see, I have problems making a 3G connection, so I feel I will not get 4G. I'm in MD near the DE state line.  And because I don't send/recieve large files, I can't even tell the difference in speed with what I have now.  Plus, I've been reading on some WiMax forums that Clear's Wimax connections,  at times, are slower then 3G.

Ok, enough ranting... Bottom line is that I want a phone with the capabilities of this phone, but I don't care for 4G, especially on WiMax.  It's that simple.


I completely agree, I like my plan which includes 3g.  Any claim that the EVO is not compatible with my existing plan is just false and marketing shenanigans

Sprint has done this in the past and it mostly affects long time customers, very frustrating!


Great Post. I can think of a ad campaign if Sprint LISTENS!!!


I agree. I have a 1500 everything Family plan with two lines. I could care less about 4g, because I know this just means bigger band width as there is no certified 4g. Why do I know because I read and I understand marketing. What I do want the HTC Evo for is the 1gig onboard memory, 1 gig snapdragon processor, 4.3" screen (because I surf the net and this also makes the keyboard big enough), and android 2.1 and all that goes with it.

If I am forced into a new plan or adding monthly fees??? I will not buy this phone. PERIOD. I hope Sprint is understanding this feedback. We are greatful for more bandwidth. But we really don't want to pay for it. I do not want to be a hotspot with my phone. I's my phone. The comercial is funny, but my friends don't need to leech my bandwidth from me. I am not in a city with the more bandwidth (aka so called 4g), but even if I was I have no faith it is stabile or reliable. It is not a colaberation of the companies for coverage, and it is not anything more that marketing. Don't blow smoke up my rear and then charge me more. Just offer me more bandwidth on a great phone with no extra fees and watch customers run to you.


Sprint please do not make any new plans I really want this phone but I have 5 on my contract and they might not want to pay the extra cost for me to be on a more expansive network...


Announcing it then delaying the actual sales of the phone for months will surely push potential customers to another phone or carrier rather then wait while being teased.

Just like TV networks and their mid season hiatuses.. making us wait months acomplishes nothing but pissing customers and potentials off as we wait in limbo w/o even a decent release date.

If you intend to make a splash.. better do it fast cause the other carriers are ready to steamroll you if you drag your feet on the 1 phone that rules them all. I got money and I want this phone.. make me wait till june or so and you will probably not only loose a phone sale but also a current subscriber as I jump to verizon


Thinking through this and considering this phone will be available this summer, I'm almost sure it will be offered to 3G customers... there are still very few 4G markets out there, why would they release such a device to such a [for now] limited user base?



I'll respond to my own post with supporting information... I currently see no 4G in Ohio where I live... I see a few blue spots in Texas... and I read where parts of Ohio may be brought on 4G later this year but for the most part its a 3G world out there in regards to Sprint... maybe 2G in regards to other providers!


You can get a combo 3G/4G modem for $59.99 just like a regular 3G modem.  I am guessing that access to the 4G network on 4G capable devices is going to be included in the price of the Everything plans.  However, I think that they're going to cap 4G access.  They're going to need to recoup costs somewhere and Hesse just came out and said that the industry is going to get away from 'Per Minute' pricing and focus on 'Gigabytes'.  With that said, I believe that they will allow 4G access for no extra cost, but have a low cap; 1/2GB and steep overages and/or additional add-ons for "Unlimted" access.


   It's not that it won't be offered to 3G customers. We know that it will.  What my letter is specifically about is a specific plan for the EVO that would not be necessary for it to work.


   We remember the Instinct and the Pre where customers that already had grandfathered unlimited data plans were "forced" to go to a Simply Everything Plan to get those phones.  At the time I was one of the angry customers that didn't get it, but now I get why they did it.  I use my Hero less for voice now and more for data.  Sprint had to do something to prevent all the leeching that was going on.  The difference now is they have plans in place now for handset data users.  The SE plans.  The fact is how many of these types of phones (4G) will be available to Sprint customers over the next few years.  I'm guessing not that many.  Honestly, I can't even imagine needing another phone after getting this one.  At this point I haven't heard of anything out there that I would need that isn't in this phone.  As long as it has proper codec support (Divx and Xvid) I will be cool for awhile.


    I imagine this as a scenario for the EVO.  When you purchase the EVO you will need to have a qualified plan to go with it.  It will be either a SE plan with a 4G surcharge of some undetermined amount of money or it will be an entirely new plan we have not seen before that includes 4G service.


     My letter to Sprint is a plea to not "force" anyone to get a plan that includes 4G when a SE base plan or EPRP with 3G will be fine.  I also ask Sprint to really think outside the box and possibly offer a Data only plan for the phone.  The phone is likely very capable to handle VOIP applications to make calls.  Give us a $50 to $60 dollar plan for data.  The people that would enroll in those plans are savy enough to understand how that would work.

    The only reason I even wrote this post is because I know Sprint after all these years.  I know as I write this someone is thinking of the magic number that customers will pay for 4G.  Heck for the last 2 days I have been thinking about it and have a number in my head that I would pay and believe others would too if given a choice.  The other reason I wrote this post is because in the true sense of the word I am a Sprint Fan Boy and want them to be succesful for a long time.  None of us will benefit from Sprint going belly up and get bought out by Verizon.

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