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Open Letter to Sprint Re: EVO


Open Letter to Sprint Re: EVO

  First, I would like to congratulate Sprint for the first 4G wireless handset in the US .  That is quite a accomplishment for your company and you deserve all the accolades that go along with it.  Second, I want to say I am a long time Sprint customer which is likely something you hear all the time on these and other forums.  In my case it is something I am very proud of and except for a few bumps in the road over the last 10 years or so I am a very happy customer.

   Now I need to get on to business with what I have to say and hope that someone at Sprint listens.  The HTC EVO is a impressive handset that surpasses all of what we have seen in the US market in the last 5 years.  What concerns me though is that during the announcement it was said that Sprint would not be announcing plan pricing yet.  This statement would lead me to believe Sprint customers are going to be looking at another specific plan dedicated just for the EVO, or that a " 4G surcharge" will be applied to an existing plan.  I'm not sure if this is true.  At this point its all speculation. 

   I would like to ask though if it is true, give your customers the option of using the phone without 4G.  I'm not sure if the technology is there or not to exclude 4G speeds from the phone if you do not purchase the appropriate plan but please make it a option. Not every customer will need to share their phone as a 4G Hot Spot.  Not every customer will upload HD video.   For some of your customers 3G speeds will just be fine.  Please don't exclude existing customers or potential customers from purchasing this phone by requiring a 4G data plan, that will be higher in cost than a perfectly usable 3G one.

   To use myself as a example, recently I signed up for Fios service in my area.  I had a few choices when it came to the speed of my internet service, and finally decided on 15Mbps download.  A week later I found that this was not going to be adequate for my needs and upgraded to the 25Mbps plan instead.  As a customer I was grateful I had various options available to me to choose from and used my own usage patterns to determine the best fit.  If I was never given that choice and was handed 25Mbps from the beginning I may have never chosen Fios and went with Brighthouse instead because at the time they were offering cheaper service at the same speeds.  Choice is what kept me as a Fios customer.  Nothing else. 

   I ask that you give this some consideration when you sit down to decide what the pricing plan will be with this EVO. I would ask you to think out the box and give some consideration to a data only plan for the EVO with the ability to use Google Voice or another VOIP app to make voice calls.  As customers we have over the last few years gotten used to unlimited data plans and specific plans to go with specific handsets.  Sprint has done a excellent job over the last year or so cutting through all the muck other carriers have thrown at us and made it simple to understand.  I love your company and love the things that have been going on since Mr. Hesse has taken over. I honestly believe that the EVO will generate tons of customers, please don't exclude these people by requiring a 4G plan.   Sprint has many things to look forward to and this summer is looking to be an exciting one.  I am sure this will not be the last handset Sprint fans will have to look forward to this year.           

Don Shane  

PS Can someone find out why I am not a premier customer yet??     

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I've read the wifi hotspot function will be additional, but the 4g service will be the same as the rest of their unlimited plans.

I've also read that they are targeting a June launch, though I've seen other dates too. If the rumors about the possible release of the Incredible on Verizon at the end of this month is true, let's hope Sprint doesn’t have many hurdles to leap and get the EVO out sooner.


incredible due out the 29th hope that means evo out in may or early june by the 6th man htc u got alot of stuff coming out!!


Hey everyone, I'v been following these threads for several months. And I wanted to thank everyone for all there good information. The last thread I was folowing was locked this afternoon. There was a dude names wjackson that allways had good relyable info along with ajack. but I have not seen a post from mr wjackson foe a long time dose anyone know if he fell of the earth, was abducted by Dan Hesse lol, or if he is sitting on a beach somewhere? And as a side note it is entetaining as heck to read everyone arguing on the last two threads, but then they get shut down and its hard to find a place to get great info. so please please be civil with each other!! Thanks again to everyone and there sharing there info with us.


In my opinion, every minute sprint waste without releasing the phone without releasing the EVO is a waste of money, certainly we don’t want a device untested thrown to the public but Sprint really needs to take advantage of the momentum and release the EVO, simple reasons:

1-     After the CTIA announcement the whole community was in shock due to the potential of this phone and I don’t doubt that a quick release would have reported a lot more profit.

2-     The competitors are not sitting watching how sprint released the #1 possible device this year, and there are some great new devices coming out right now from At&t, and Verizon

3-     And finally if the sprint 4g network is right now as strong as they say it is why not take advantage of it , they are just letting us know that they are not ready yet to offer a good bandwidth, not even at the current 4g markets.

So im just waiting for the phone as you guys, but I cannot guarantee right now im not going with another carrier if a good phone comes before (incredible looks incredible).


I just wish they would start releasing some information.  I'm not one to threat about leaving.  I'm currently content w/ my phone - but it sure seems their "buzz" is dying regarding the Evo.  You're trying to keep everyone on pins and needles...but I think you're just p***ing everyone off...  No one likes a tease

It would be be awesome if Hesse was at the little iphone release and jumped on stage - "This iphone stuff is cute and all - and I'm going to let you finish - but I just wanted to let you know the EVO is going to have 20 live HD channels available in the new Sprint TV HD and HBO, Cinemax and showtime on demand available as premium channels..."

Wouldn't that be awesome?

Just a little something would be good Sprint...just throw us a bone or something...


There will be official reviews on websites like Cnet and slashdot when it's close to release date. Not much more than they can do until they're ready though I'm afraid

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