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Other problems after the update


Other problems after the update


Tried to upload a photo to FB, but it "failed"; froze 20% into the upload and stayed in the notification bar. Now I can't get rid of it- doesn't give me the option to clear it. It lists it under "ongoing" tasks, and I even tried restart/hard reset. How am do I get rid of it? Needless icons give me anxiety...


When I try to text with swype and tap a word to bring up the word choice list, it just gives me the cut/copy/paste arrows. When I re-swype the word, it brings up the list but the cut/copy/paste function is in the way preventing visability/accessability of the list. Is there a way to disable that cut/copy feature? Swype is ornery enough trying to make every text message look like a lyric from a David Bowie song... and touch input is even worse...


Pandora no longer works with the update. It works if it's the only app running, and even then it'll only run for 15 minutes unless I try to change the station, at which point it crashes everything.

I know what some people have said this update fixed, but essentially I feel as though it's done nothing but morph my Evo in Kim Jong-il.

Any help, greatly appreciated!


Other problems after the update

Is anyone aware of a bug list being maintained anywhere? I mean publicly.

Here's things bugging me with 2.3:

The xfinity TV app tries to start then exits

Forced portrait mode. In 2.1 and 2.2, any app opened when Evo was in landscape mode and laying flat on a table, came up in landscape if it was capable. All apps open in portrait now.

The compass is flukey.

I get the white screen occasionally after closing apps.

After the update my EVO behaved sluggishly. Apps opened and closed very slowly. Some games became unplayable (Pool Break Pro). Did a factory reset and reinstalled, no joy still sluggish. I tolerated that for 5 days then did 4 consecutive factory resets. After reinstalling apps still load slower than before 2.3, the unplayable games are playable. This delay in loading "feels" like debugging code in memory manager.

My wallpaper randomly changes back to the default you get after factory reset.


Re: Other problems after the update

dont know whats up but i havent seen the HTC screen or the loading screen in a few days now. dont know what has changed since im still doing the exact same things as before.

ditto with the wallpaper but now i only see it if i restart my phone. its there for a sec then the wallpaper i had up will pop back onto it again.

oh and adding to the list.

lost the keyboard the other day. wouldnt show up. just a blank screen where it usually is. but i could still try to text even though it wasnt there. restarted the phone and it still did it. had to do a battery pull for a few minutes and now its back to normal. it did that while texting and while on the browser.

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