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Outgoing smtp for Cox


Outgoing smtp for Cox

I've set up my EVO with Cox and get all my email. Howver, try as I might, I can't send anything. It says it is sending but I nor anyone else never get anything.  I'm using which works fine for Outlook, Thunderbird, Live Mail etc. but not on the EVO.  The port is correct as well. Why won't this work?  Should I be using a Sprint smtp?

When I go to the outbox, the emails are there but when looking at them I get the "Email cannot be open while it is sending" message.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Outgoing smtp for Cox

Cox and Comcast seem to not like connections from outside their networks and tend to have a lot of issues with any kind of mobile device access on all carriers.

I have setup cox accounts for customers just fine here in my store, but they are on the west side of the cox spectrum. It shouldn't make a difference other than the server addess, but you never know. Because cox splits their mail systems between east and west and mobile device bias (stupidly) it causes issues.

A simple google search for "Cox email settings" came back with this link:

This should work for any Android device. So the server is a POP3 server.

Outgoing server: (east/central/west depending where you are)

Username: (make sure it is the full email, not just the front)

Port: 995

Security: none (not secure at all)

Outgoing SMTP: (east/central/west depending where you are)

Port: 25

Security: none (not secure at all)

Same settings for username and password as the incoming, it does require authentication.


Outgoing smtp for Cox

Thanks for the speey reply.

I'm set up exactly as you show with the only exception being port 995 for pop however, getting mail has not been a problem. Whenever I try to set things up, I'm getting the message "cannot connect to the mail server to verify your account information.  Your server is not responding" yet, I get mail fine.  I have tried different ports with no luck and wonder if I should try a sprint smtp instead though I thought they no longer handled email.

I'll also try calling Cox though I doubt the will be of much help.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Outgoing smtp for Cox

The buzzword to ask Cox is if they support "Off Network Authenticated SMTP".  They may not, resulting in the failure to connect to server.

When you are on the Sprint EVDO or 4G network, you are not on the Cox network.  They often prevent mail from being sent unless you are on their network.

You can use the Sprint SMTP server -- just visit MySprint, My Preferences, and you'll find a link to get the server address, username and set / reset your SMTP password.  Be aware -- when you use the Sprint SMTP server, your mail will show 'Sent on behalf of:', instead of the regular 'From: ' field.   Just how SMTP works . . .

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Outgoing smtp for Cox

I think I may just have gmail download my Cox mail and use gmail on the EVO.  I believe that should work fine.

I have an idea, based on some questionaires Cox has sent me over the last few months that they may be thinking of entering the mobile market.  If that's the case, this will get even more complicated than it should.

Thanks for the info though.


Outgoing smtp for Cox

I did call Cox and they viewed info on which stated the outgoing port for the EVO should be 587.  Sure enough, it worked.  Kudos to them for going outside their normal box to find an answer that works.

Plus, this site offers many other useful settings and tips as well.

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