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Outlook Sync


Outlook Sync

To sync my phone with Outlook, I downloaded MobileMe (so my phone does not need to be connected to a computer to sync). I believe MobileMe allows sync in multi-directions. Has anyone used the program?


Re: Outlook Sync


Re: Outlook Sync

Hi njp420  thank you and please resend the link, I received a 404 error.


Re: Outlook Sync

Sorry for the bad link. Let me copy the link and my message in that thread.

Re: sync outlook notes into my evo
HTC provides the HTC Sync program that you may download from: The current file is: HTC Sync Update for EVO 4G (Sprint) (2.0.40) | 06.16.2010.

Please note that this program has several bugs that hopefully will be fixed in the next release.

1. It checks the USB ports every 2 to 5 seconds causing the cursor to change to the hourglass (or spinning circle).

2. It mauls Outlook Contacts in several ways

     a. Contacts that have only Company name will have "null" added in the first and last name fields.

     b. some Contacts will be duplicated.

     c. If you choose some Contacts as Favorites, HTC Sync will create a new Outlook Contacts category that will create several problems in the *.pst file.

     d. Contacts chosen as Favorites will have a piece of XML code added by HTC Sync in the Notes. This should be a no-no!

In my opinion, it is OK to use this version of HTC Sync only after backing up the *.pst file. After synchronization that will copy all your Contacts to the phone including Notes, close Outlook, delete the *.pst file mauled by HTC Sync and replace it with your backup.


Hope this helps.


Re: Outlook Sync

Hi, I've looked around this a bit....but I think it requires my phone be "hard"connected with a USB cable.

I looked at the MobileMe program....and do not believe I need to be "hard" connected to a computer....and it will do a "Merge" instead of either going from the phone to a computer, or computer to the phone.

I'm mostly interested in syncing my Contacts & Calendar.

Right now( have my Outlook file on one computer, talking to the Outlook file on a computer at my office. My Contacts were successfully "synced"  (cheers) not yet on my phone ?

I'm missing really don't want to get (one of those other phones)....I just want to keep everything up to date...and not be concerned if something is "syncing" in the wrong direction.

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