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Photo Caller ID losing Quality


Photo Caller ID losing Quality

I was happy with the large picture caller ID on my new EVO for the first couple of days. Then I converted my Phone contacts to Google contacts to take advantage of the backup and editing provided through synching with my Google account. All of my picture IDs displayed blurry and pixelated. What happened?

The EVO saves and displays contact photos at about 300x300 pixels. Google keeps contact photos at about 96x96 pixels. Synching my contacts with Google caused the photos to be reduced to 96x96. This unfortunately, replaced the larger photos on my phone with the smaller version. The caller ID display expands the small photo back up to 300x300 causing the disappointing loss of quality.


So until Google decides to upgrade its contact photo standard to at least 300x300 there is little that can be done to avoid this problem.

If you have some contacts that for you just have to have the higher quality photo displayed, there is a work around you can try. Add a second contact with the exact same name but set the contact type to Phone (not Google). Set the contact photo to the larger, higher resolution photo from your phone memory (Gallery). You do not need to add any other data to this contact but be sure to save it.

Now go back to the original Google contact. Since you used the same names, Android should suggest linking the two contacts. Touch the link icon in the upper right. Select the Phone contact to link with and touch Done. Touch the link icon again to display the linked contact list. Touch the photo icon drop down and a menu should display where you can select the primary photo; Gallery, Camera, Google, or Phone. Chose the phone contact photo and touch Done.

There are a few draw backs with this work around; it is a lot of additional work, the phone contacts are not synched and backed up, and they take up space that could be used by other primay contacts entries.

Another work around is to enable Facebook for HTC Sense and let your friends Facebook profile pictures become your contact photos. The quality still suffers but it is significantly less work.

As not all of my contacts are friends on Facebook, I use a combination of all of these techniques.

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