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Photos - Take and send


Photos - Take and send

I tried to share some photos as described, using "Gmail" to send photos to friends/family. This worked fine while sending each image individually and not as well while sending multiple pictures in a single email. The Evo allowed me to select and attach multiple photos at once, so why flood someone's inbox when one larger email would do. I selected 4-6 photos and tried to send it, allowing ample time for these to load with good 3G coverage, 2 hours later, the message was just sitting in my outbox with a red message saying "Sending". I also attempted to send these photos over my home WiFi network, thinking that maybe the 3g just could not handle this amount of data, but the message again just sat in the outbox, never moving to the "Sent" folder, and the intended recipients never received a message. In the end, I just waited until i got home, sent the pics to my laptop via Bluetooth, and emailed them out with my gmail account from there. Now, although it was not a huge inconvenience in this case, this type of technology should allow me to send a handful of photos from a location to people, especially if I'm looking for immediate on site responses to make business decisions. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: Photos - Take and send

Attaching 6 photos taken with the 8megapixel rear camera may have created a message larger than GMail can handle.

GMail can send messages up to 25MB:

6 photos at ~4=MB each == 24 megabytes.  If any of the photos were a bit larger, or if the encoding / attaching process made them just a touch larger, it'll be too big for Google to handle.

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Re: Photos - Take and send

Actually, the files were 2-3MB each, which at a maximum of 18MB is well below Gmails limits. Even trying to send 2 pictures was not going through, only when I individually selected the. Also, sending the exam same message from my laptop worked just fine. Not sure was the issue was, I was connected to WiFi or I'd just blame it on the 3G connection.

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