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Pic of black grad robe looks like tweed


Pic of black grad robe looks like tweed

I took graduation pictures with my Evo this past weekend.  The pictures (see attached cropped jpg) have so many white flecks that the graduates' black robes look like they are made of a tweed fabric.  The pictures were taken inside under artificial light and in the sun.  The flecks are most evident on the black robes, but also across the faces and other parts of the picture.  These artifacts made the 30+ once-in-a-lifetime graudation pictures trash.  Interestingly, I took Evo pics the next day of the same person wearing a black jacket and the flecks are not present in those photos.  This evening I took the camera to the Sprint Flagship store here in Kansas City and was told by two technicians that I should expect poor quality pictures from the Evo phone, "It is not a digital camera".  They suggested not using the Evo for photography.  I have another graduation coming up this next weekend, any suggestions (besides not using the Evo camera)?


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Pic of black grad robe looks like tweed


I moved your post to the HTC Evo 4G forum.  The tech is right, the Evo isn't a full-house digital camera, but it's pretty good.  Better than most phone cameras.

The artifacts you're seeing look like too much sharpening.  Make sure in the camera in the gears menu (settings), Quality is set to high, and the Sharpness is set to the middle.

You can also play around with the settings and see what helps.  JPEG compression is sometimes hard to get right on big expanses of a single color or gradient.  You can usually see some artifacts even with good cameras.


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Pic of black grad robe looks like tweed

I definitely agree with Will on this. I am an amateur photographer and am now getting pics from my Evo that are almost as good as ones taken with my $400 camera. It may be a good idea to find something in a similar material to the graduation robes and play with the settings a bit. Adjusting sharpness down will help and brightness up just a bit will probably be a huge difference. I photographed a friend's wedding from my Evo and she said that the pics were better than her Mom's who had a great Nikon digital camera!

Hope this helps!

Pic of black grad robe looks like tweed

The EVO is very sensitive to lighting.  My experience has been that the EVO pictures can go from Excellent to poor depending on the light.  I had a similar experience with graduation photos and now I check them as I go. Also, I always take another camera as a backup because you never know what could happen and sometimes you don't get a second chance.


Pic of black grad robe looks like tweed

zoom in on the picture. no one elses clothes has those spots except the closer robes..even the robes further back dont have it. might just be something in the actual material and the lighting? reason im saying this is if you zoom in and look at the shadows which are darker than the actual robes you dont see any spots. same for everyone elses clothes in the background. no spots.

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Re: Pic of black grad robe looks like tweed

Those robes are polyester or some other slick fabric. Probably reflects the light in an interesting way to the camera. If it is a really special occasion, a proper digital camera is warranted. Better circuitry and image management. Megapixels are just one part of a good camera.

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